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POS Restaurant module improved

The POS Restaurant Module of ROBOTILL has been improved. Some of the new features of the ROBOTILL Restaurant Module (Version 3.8): Some layout changes on the user interface was done. A sale can now be moved from one table to another. The waiter that was allocated to a sale/table can be changed. In Version 3.8, only new items added to a sale are printed on the various department printers (kitchen/bar/etc). In previous versions, each department would have receive items for that department but all items would have been printed again if a new item was added. There is now a 'Resubmit Full Order' option to reprint the full order slip with all items for that order. It is now possible to allocate multiple printers to a Department. The order slip will be printed on all the printers for a department. Notice to existing customers: When upgrading to version 3.8, you will need to set up your Department Printers again. Previously this was done in the Departments Menu in ROB

Setting up Cocktails in your Restaurant POS System

Setting up most items for the Restaurant module of ROBOTILL is quick and easy. Some items like cocktails is a bit more tricky. You need to set it up correctly to accurately keep track of how much stock you have left. For this example, we will set up a Springbokkie (a popular  cocktail shooter in South Africa) As you will receive Cape Velvet as a 750ml bottle and you would like to sell it as a bottle or break it up into smaller units you can use for cocktails, you set the Cape Velvet bottle up as a normal stock item. You then create another stock item and call it 'Cape Velvet 30ml shots'. After you created the 30ml shot item, add it as sub items to the Cape Velvet 750 ml bottle item. As you can get 25 units from a 750ml bottle, change the qty to 25 and remember to Update the item. The bottle is now set up correctly and can be sold as a bottle or as 30ml shots. The 'stock on hand' will be updated correctly. Now do the same for the other ingredient f

Improved POS Customer Support

ROBOTILL has supported customers for some time (accounts, statements, etc). Version 3.77 has just been released with two new customer reports ( General Customers Report and Account Payments Report ). Other enhancements in version 3.77 include a new safety check to prevent cashiers from accidently adding a payment twice and some user interface enhancements. ROBOTILL has a Free Point of Sale Edition that can be downloaded from

ROBOTILL Version 3.75 Released

ROBOTILL Version 3.75 is available for download from New features include: Some improvements was made in the Retail POS screen. The Total and Change is now bigger. The 'Sales By Cashier' report has been improved.  ROBOTILL uses SQL Server for speed and stability. Some changes in the system was made to make it even more stable and robust.  ROBOTILL is a Point Of Sale (POS) system for retail shops and restaurants. ROBOTILL has a FREE Edition that does not expire. Customers of ROBOTILL can upgrade to the latest version free of charge. If you have an older version of ROBOTILL installed, please follow these instructions to upgrade to the latest version . 

Windows 8 SmartScreen blocks installation

If you are installing ROBOTILL ( Point of Sale System ) on Windows 8 or 8.1, it is possible that Windows SmartScreen will block the installation. This is just because you are doing the installation from an install file that was downloaded over the internet and not because ROBOTILL contains a virus or is malware.  If you do get the following message: Click on the 'More Info' link. The following will then be displayed: Click on the 'Run Anyway' button to complete the install. If you have any problems, remember that ROBOTILL offers free support. For more information about ROBOTILL visit

How to customize your till slip

This video will show you how easy it is to customize your till slip in ROBOTILL . ROBOTILL is Point of Sale Software for Retail Shops and Restaurants. You can download the free edition at:

Flexible Payment Options for POS System

ROBOTILL released version 3.72 of their Point Of Sale Software System. The new version allows you to configure the available card payment options. Payment Options include: Cash Account Payments Card Payments (now configurable) Cheque / Check It is also possible to configure the fourth payment option (check/cheque) and change it to something like PayPal or any other payment system. You can download the FREE Edition of ROBOTILL here .

ROBOTILL Version 3.71 Released

Version 3.71 of ROBOTILL ( Point of Sale Software ) is now available for download. The following is new in Version 3.71: The Bulk Import functionality has been improved. You can now Import and Update stock items with a CSV (comma separated) file. It is now very flexible and you can choose what fields you want to import or update. A 'Export File for Update' was added to Bulk Import and Update so that you can export stock to a CSV file, do updates via Excel or Open Office Calc and then import the file again to update your stock.  The Till Slip that includes customer details will now be used when a customer was selected for a sale, and not only when a payment was done from an customer account. The slip in Print Design is now called 'Customer Account Till Slip'. A Date only (no time) was added to the Print Design in addition to the Date and Time field. The thousand separator as chosen in regional settings will now be used. The row height for the items purchased o

Happy Hour

The POS Software System  ROBOTILL now supports Price Modes. Price modes can be configured and be used for things like 'Happy Hour'. While in the special price mode, the price mode button will remain red and indicate the active mode. The Price Mode feature is available in the Restaurant POS Module and the Retail POS Module. The Price mode will change all the prices to second or third tier prices and can be applied for a period (over several sales) or for a specific sale. Other changes in version 3.61 include the following: The Print Design screen has been improved to allow for easier design in larger size papers. The Price Maintenance and Specials is now easier to use. A Hot Key for price changes was added. Customer VAT Number added to 'Till Slip with account payment'. The new version of ROBOTILL can be downloaded from

Easy to use POS Software

ROBOTILL has been designed to be easy to use. It is now even more user friendly with a new improved help file. ROBOTILL now uses a Windows Help File that is broken up into easy to use sections: General Help for general Point of Sale Software issues. A Retail Help Section if you are using the Retail Software Module A Restaurant Help Section if you are using the Restaurant Software Module. It also has Quick Start Guides if you only need help getting started and like to figure things out on your own. Context-sensitive help ROBOTILL Version 5.5 that is now available for download also include Context-Sensitive Help. There are now  Context-Sensitive Help buttons throughout the ROBOTILL Manager application that will open the new help file at the place you need help.

ROBOTILL Version 3.51 released

An urgent update for ROBOTILL is available for download. The following urgent fixes/changes where done: When finalizing a drawer before closing it (end of shift was done), it caused some problems. With version 3.51 it is no longer possible to finalize a drawer if it is not closed. You can now close a drawer (end a shift) and finalize it at the same time (optional). When updating a stock item, the stock count was set back to zero. This is now fixed. There is now a 'Not a counted item' option in stock item setup. When this is selected, everything related to stock count (stock on hand) for that item will be ignored. The 'Stock on Hand' for that item will always be zero. The above changes affected both the POS Retail Application and POS Restaurant Application . We would like to thank all our customers for their feedback and suggestions. The new version can be downloaded from

Till slip design more customizable.

Designing and setting up your till slips in ROBOTILL is very easy and flexible. The print design tool in ROBOTILL allows you to design all your printed forms with easy drag and drop. Now with version 3.5 it is even more customizable. ROBOTILL now added new 'table' items. The difference with the new items is that you can add any column in any order. Previously you could only choose from different column layouts. This is ideal if you are printing on pre-printed stationary or if you need to do something out of the ordinary. To use the new items, simply remove the standard 'detail' section that contained the items that was sold and replace it with the new 'table' items. You can add them in any order. They are 'grow' items so they will cause the items below to move down depending on how many items were sold (except for items that you have set as fixed height).  Unfortunately the new table items are not available in the FREE Point of Sale Sys

Important changes in ROBOTILL

Existing customers of the popular Point of Sale System ROBOTILL should take note of the following two important changes in Version 3.41: Change in how Cash Drawers work in ROBOTILL: If a cash drawer (shift) has not been opened for a cashier and the cashier logs in, the system will now automatically open a cash drawer (shift) for that user and allocate a default float. This feature can be disabled in Manager if required. The default float can also be specified in Manager.  When a cashier does a Cash Up, the drawer will not be closed (shift will be ended). The cash drawer can alternatively be closed from Manager.  In Manager, a Cash Drawer now needs to be Finalized. A Cash Drawer is Finalized to confirm that the cash counted by the cashier is the actual cash returned.  Change how 'Quantity Change' work in ROBOTILL: To change quantity of an item, the item now first needs to be scanned (or selected) before changing the quantity. With previous versions i

POS Card Reader for Cashier and Waiter Login

ROBOTILL now supports a card reader for logging in users (cashiers, supervisors, waiters). If this option is selected, it will replace the default login where a user needs to select his name from a list and type a password to log in. Other new features in version 3.31 of ROBOTILL include: A refund can now be allocated to an account (previously only cash refunds were supported). The customer account will be updated and the customer statement will reflect the refund. New stock items can now be created during stock receiving. Tier prices can now be updated in the price maintenance screen and during stock receiving. Payment screen improved to speed up payments. ROBOTILL (as well as the FREE POS  Edition) can be downloaded from

Compound Stock Level Fix

ROBOTILL released an urgent fix for their Point of Sale system . Version 3.24.4 is available for download. The urgent fix was for compound stock levels that where not calculated when selling compound items. A compound item is a stock item that consist of one or more sub items. For example a 6 pack of cokes is a compound item. It can be sold as a unit (6 pack) or the cokes (sub items) can be sold separately. Follow these instructions to upgrade to the new version . If you were using compound items you also need to do the following step once to fix any problems that where created with the previous version: Open Manager, from the Tools Menu select Database Tools and then ‘Recalculate Compound Stock Levels’. Other changes included in the new version: A fix was done in the Export Manager (used to export data to scale software and other programs). In the Restaurant Module, users sometimes accidently double clicked a button causing the item to be added twice. A new rule was a

ROBOTILL Version 3.24.1 is ready for download

ROBOTILL has released version 3.24.1. The following features was added: The cash required and outstanding amounts can be hidden in the Cash Up Screen and the Cash Up print out. This can be selected in Manager > General Configuration. The account selection screen has been improved for quicker account selection. There is now a separate Print Design Layout for slips that are printed when an account payment was used. You can now add customer account information to the slip like account name, contact details and account balance. You can also add a place for the customer to sign on the slip. The new slip is available in the POS Retail and POS Restaurant modules. The latest version can be downloaded from

ROBOTILL integrates with Scale Software

ROBOTILL was able to read scale barcodes (barcodes that contain the weight or price) for quite some time. In the latest version of  ROBOTILL , it is also now possible to update your prices and stock on your scales (POS or Point of Sale scale) directly from  ROBOTILL . How it works: ROBOTILL  has an Export Manager that allows you to setup an export project for your Scale Software. You can set up the file in the format that your scale software will expect it. With the click of a button the file is exported and your Scale Software will pick it up and update your stock on the scale. Please note: Although  ROBOTILL  has developed the export system in such a way that it is very flexible and will work with most scales, we cannot guarantee that it will work with every single scale and its associated scale program. 

Faster Stock Search for ROBOTILL

Version 3.22 of the Point of Sale System , ROBOTILL has been released and is available for download . The new version includes a faster stock search screen. The new screen will allow you to get to the desired stock item with the least amount of keys that needs to be typed. Although it can be used with a touch screen or mouse, any stock item can now be selected without the need to click on a single button. Other enhancements include: The stock selection (not search) screen was also enhanced. Short cut key (hot key) was added for stock search. Short cut keys (hot keys) where added to the restaurant module. Discounts was improved (how it is displayed in the POS screen, on the till slip and how discounts are calculated in reports). Please remember to follow these instructions when upgrading from an older version: Upgrade Instructions

Speed up your POS System

When it gets to performance, ROBOTILL is one of the best choices. It doesn't matter how many POS points (tills) are connected to the system, it is still very fast. You can speed up the process (payments at tills) even further by removing one small step a cashier needs to do. It's just one button click (or ENTER key) less per transaction … but when a cashiers does a couple of hundred transactions in a day it will make a difference. By default when the payment amount is reached (there can be more than one payment method per sale), the 'Done' button becomes available and the 'Change' the customer should get is displayed in the pay screen (see below). You can change this so that the pay screen will close automatically when the required amount is reached. The cashier will then not need to click on the 'Done' button. The change a customer should get is also displayed in the main POS screen after the pay screen closes (see picture below). T

ROBOTILL on Facebook

ROBOTILL has joined Facebook.  Please visit and 'like' us at When you like our facebook page, you will be notified when there is a new version available. You will also receive links to articles with tips on how to improve your POS System.

ROBOTILL Version 3.2 Released

The new version of ROBOTILL (Version 3.2) is available for download. Customers using the FREE Edition of ROBOTILL can also upgrade to the new version. With the new version it is much easier and quicker to set up compound stock items (stock items that consists of multiple sub items). Compound items are now specified on the same screen (Sub Item Tab). In the restaurant module waiters can now add notes to items. The notes will be printed on the Order Slips that are printed on the department printers (Kitchen, Bar, etc.) Other enhancements include: Reset Database Tool added. This is useful if you just played around with the system and want to 'start over'. Stock Search was improved. Reprint option added to restaurant module. More options to customize the till slip was added. Stock receiving improved (allow price changes, weighted unit cost and easy label printing when prices change). Stock received reports now include person's name who received stock as