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ROBOTILL Version 4.11 Released

ROBOTILL Version 4.11 has been released and is available for download . The new version has a new Sale Detail By Date Report. What else is new? Some enhancements has been made to the reports. There was a bug in the Print Design form where the Print Preview and Design Print didn't show the latest changes. The bug was introduced in version 4.10.01 and now fixed in version 4.11. The pay screen will now have the amount payable as default (selected) so that it can quickly be selected if an exact amount is paid but also easily changed if not.

Import Stock From an Excel File

Tutorial Video on how to import stock from Excel or Open Office Spreadsheet into ROBOTILL . To download the FREE Edition of the Point of Sale Software System go to

ROBOTILL Remote Support

Update (2019/04/20): ROBOTILL No longer uses Chrome Desktop for remote support. We now use AnyDesk . Installing Chrome Remote Desktop Step 1: If you are not already using Google Chrome as your browser, download and install Google Chrome (you can keep on using your existing browser as well). Step 2: If you don't already have a google account, create one ... it is free (for gmail , drive and more). Step 3: Install the Google Chrome Remote Desktop add-on from the Google Store. On the install page, click on 'Add to Chrome'. Starting a Remote Support Session Email ROBOTILL Support and ask for support. They will arrange a time with you when they will be able to connect to your computer. When they ask you to send you the Remote Desktop ID, follow the steps below. Step 1: Run Chrome as Administrator Right click on the Chrome icon on your desktop. Select 'Run as administrator'. Step 2: Start the Remote Session Open Google Chrome, open a n

Design your own Customer Statements

It is now easy to design your own Customer Statements in the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System . In previous versions you could design your own till slips but not your own Customer Statements. With the new version (4.10.01) that was just released you can now also design your own statements. It is easy to select the items you want and simply drag and drop them on the page where you want them. You can also add a company logo and any other company information you want. The Print Layout Screen of ROBOTILL was also improved with a new Preview option. To download the new version go to and click on Downloads.