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How to install ROBOTILL without Internet connection

ROBOTILL is a Point of Sale system that you can download and install from the Internet. If the computer you want to install on is not connected to the internet, download the required install files from and select ‘Save’ instead of ‘Open’ or ‘Run’. You can then copy these files to a USB memory stick (flash drive) and run/open them on the computer where you want to install. Below are the detailed steps to do the full ROBOTILL install (including the database server) on a computer that is not connected to the Internet. Step 1: Download the install files Go to the  ROBOTILL Downloads  and download the following files (Select 'Save' and not 'Run' or 'Open'.)  sqlexpr.exe (Do not open or run this file). Copy the files you have downloaded to the computer where you want to install. Step 2: Install ROBOTILL Using the file, install ROBOTILL. During the install process, the install program mig