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ROBOTILL Version 2.75 released

We have released version 2.75 of our POS Software . The following has changed: The time was added to the date field in the Drawer Report. Sales Per Day Report was fixed. The Price Including Tax showed the Price Excluding Tax. The Item Description column in the POS application was made bigger. When doing a big sale, the last item wasn’t always visible and the cashier had to scroll down. This has been fixed. The Change in the Pay screen was made bigger. In the Pay screen the user (cashier) can now no longer use ESC to close the screen. They are forced to click on Done or Cancel. When converting a Quote to a sale it caused an error in the previous version. This is now fixed. We would like to thank all our customers and users of the FREE POS Software Edition for all your feedback. If you have any change requests or if you want to download the free edition please go to