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Restaurant Quick Start Guide

  We published a new video on how to get started with the restaurant software program of ROBOTILL. The new video uses version 9 of ROBOTILL and replaced the previous video (with the same title) that was using version 8.

Retail Quick Start Guide

  We have replaced our retail quick start guide video. The new training video uses the new ROBOTILL 9 version and shows how the retail POS module works. For more training videos, subscribe to the ROBOTILL YouTube channel .

ROBOTILL Version 9 Released

  The long awaited version 9 of ROBOTILL point of sale software has been released can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Website. This video gives an overview of the new version 9. What is different in version 9? ROBOTLL Back Office ROBOTILL Manager and ROBOTILL Reporting Module is gone. Both have been replace with the new ROBOTILL Back Office. When you log into the back office, you will start at the home screen (See 1 above). The navigation bar (1) will always be in the right upper corner to help you easily find your way back to a higher level or the home screen. All the functionality in back office (there is a lot) has neatly been grouped into sections that can be accessed by pressing one of the main buttons. The buttons will display a message in red if there is a section under that button that requires your urgent attention. See 2 above. The open till sessions (called Drawers in version 8) will be displayed. If a till has more cash than the limit that you have set, it will flash red

ROBOTILL now supports Vexen payment devices

The ROBOTILL Point of Sale System now supports Vexen payment devices. Vexen devices can also be used in the free edition of ROBOTILL.  To get a quotation for a Vexen device, please contact Vexen directly - Let them know you want to integrate with ROBOTILL. For integration instructions see our online help: Note that Vexen is only available in South Africa. ROBOTILL also supports Handpoint devices ( ) for our international customers. 

ROBOTILL Version 8.12.04 released

ROBOTILL Version 8.12.04 has been released and is available for download from the ROBOTILL website . The following is new in version 8.12.04: You can now search delivery orders by using the customer's telephone number. The number of decimal points in the value of a scale barcode can now be specified - The rounded sale amount can now be printed on receipts and bills - The 'clear database' feature was improved - A problem in the customers report, that sometimes caused incorrect balances when you turn the end date back has been fixed. A problem where the a custom payment option was not added to the cash up print out has been fixed. A problem that occurred when you deleted a customer that had open bookings or delivery orders has been fixed. 

Retail Delivery Training Video

As part of an effort to help our customers during the COVID-19 crisis, ROBOTILL added delivery features to their retail and restaurant modules. This video shows how to use the delivery features in the retail POS module. The new delivery features are available to all licenced ROBOTILL customers at n o additional cost.

Restaurant Delivery Training Video

Training video showing how to do deliveries with your ROBOTILL Point of Sale Software. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced restaurants to adapt and start operating in a new way. ROBOTILL added delivery features to help restaurants take online and telephone orders and to deliver food. This video shows how to use the new delivery features in the restaurant POS module.

Retail Delivery POS Update

ROBOTILL released an update (version 8.12) last night for the retail point of sale users to enable them to do deliveries as well (the update a couple of days ago were only for restaurants). Now both retailers and restaurants can keep track of deliveries. You can set up delivery orders, print delivery notes for drivers or couriers, intermediate bills for COD deliveries (in both the retail and restaurant modules), keep track of stock, and much more. The new delivery features are available to licenced ROBOTILL customers at no additional charge. For more information on how the retail delivery work - have a look at our online help:

Restaurant food delivery POS update

COVID-19 has force business to adapt in order to survive. The lockdown level 4 that started in South Africa today, allows restaurants to operate again but only to do deliveries - no sit down or collections allowed. ROBOTILL has released an update to its restaurant point of sale software this morning to help our customers. The new version (8.11) that can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL website allows a restaurant to switch between table orders and delivery orders. You can allocate drivers or couriers to orders, print delivery slips, keep track of orders, payments and more. For more information on how the new feature works see our online help - We will be releasing another update in the next couple of days to allow the same features for our retail customers.

Lockdown Level 4 POS Software Update

ROBOTILL is working round the clock to have a software update ready by the 1st of May when lockdown level 4 will start in South Africa. The update is to help our restaurant customers cope during level 4 lockdown when they can only deliver food (no sit down or collections allowed). The update will allow customers using the restaurant point of sale module to run their business more efficiently during this period. You will be able to track orders and deliveries using the same restaurant module you are used to. The new version will also benefit our international customers as a lot of countries have similar restrictions. The update will be released at no additional cost. We will publish an article on this blog and facebook when the update is ready for download.

ROBOTILL online help now mobile friendly

ROBOTILL's comprehensive online help is now mobile friendly. If your tills are not connected to the Internet you and your employees will still be able to quickly get all the help you need by simply using your cellphone. The online point of sale help covers everything you need from installation, set up, getting started to advanced topics for retailers and restaurants. To have a look go to

POS Payment Options Improved

The point of sale payment options in ROBOTILL has been improved. In the pay screen of ROBOTILL you can now add or remove custom pay buttons that is linked to a custom payment method that you can set up. For more information on the custom payment methods see: What else is new in version 8.10? General improvements in the pay screen of ROBOTILL.  New reports for the custom payment methods that will automatically be added or removed depending on your settings. A problem with the decimal places of the quantity field in receipts when using a custom table layout has been fixed.  The payment methods is available in the POS Retail  and POS Restaurant modules. 

Lockdown! What now?

South Africa will be in a 21 day lock down from midnight on Thursday 26 March until midnight on Thursday 16 April, all South Africans will have to stay at home. What about the business owners of shops and restaurants? This is not the end It might feel like the world is coming to an end - it is not. The lockdown will end. COVID-19 might have some lingering and lasting effects on how we live - but people will again want to go out for dinner at their favourite restaurant - take the kids for waffles - treat their spouses to a shopping spree. It is important to stay informed but watching news the whole day during the lockdown will become depressing.  It is important to stay active, but you might need to do more than just play monopoly for three weeks. As a business owner you will quickly become restless if you feel you are not working and not making any progress. Things to do during the lockdown Before the lockdown starts The South African government gave us three days to p

COVID-19 Business Continuity

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone from our families, to our businesses. Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, particularly those who are sick but also those who are going through a difficult time due to the economic impact of the virus. ROBOTILL Support and Sales Long before the start of the outbreak of the virus, ROBOTILL has already implemented a cloud based office system to allow our employees to work from home. We will be able to continue to give the same level of support as before even if all our employees are in self-isolation.  Licence Fees The economic impact of the virus will affect all of us in some way. It is probably our customers that are using the restaurant and hospitality modules that will be affected the most.  We are proud of the fact that ROBOTILL licence fees are some of the lowest in the industry - giving our customers one less overhead to worry about during this difficult time. To help our customers further we decided not

Version 8.09 released with arithmetic overflow fix

ROBOTILL Version 8.09 has been released and is available for download. The new version has two new reports. It will also prevent the 'arithmatic overflow' error that some users got (due to incorrect user input). The following is new in version 8.09: Refunds report improved. New Refunded Items report will list all the items that were refunded via 'Refund Item' or 'Refund Sale'. New 'Payments From Accounts' report will list all payments that were done for sales using customer accounts. If discounts were used, the totals for the Product Sales report did not work - this is now fixed. In previous versions is was possible to enter an invalid 'stock on hand' or 'stock received' amount. The cashier would have been warned that the amount was too big to be a stock on hand (usually when a barcode was scanned instead of entering a number) and the user would have been asked to confirm the amount. If the cashier chose to continue it later ca