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POS Themes and Button Colours

In ROBOTILL version 7 you can now choose different colour (or color depending where you are from) themes for your point of sale modules. You can also customize these themes and select colours for product buttons and custom buttons for easier and quicker selection by cashiers and waiters. For more information on how the colour themes and buttons work, see Themes and Button Colours in the online help . What else is new in version 7? The POS colours (that can now be selected) is used throughout the POS modules and not just in the main screens. Various screens have been improved for easier and quicker selection with more buttons per 'page'.  The 'Product Category' screen that can be opened from a custom button in the 'More' screen has been improved.  The slip history now displays payment types in the main screen to enable users to find the required slip more easily.  The 'Tip' screen was improved and now allows the waiter to add the tip amount

Custom buttons in POS Retail

The ROBOTILL Retail Point of Sale Module allows you to add custom touch screen buttons. These buttons can be accessed by pressing the 'More' button in the Retail Module. The buttons can be shortcuts to POS functions like 'Convert a sale to a quote' or shortcuts to products that are frequently used but don't have barcodes (for example a plastic carry bag). There are 4 types of functions (buttons) that can be added: Shortcut to a POS Function like 'Open Drawer'. Shortcut to a Product.  Shortcut to a Product Category. External programs can be called with various parameters so that ROBOTILL can interact with other 3rd party software or custom add-on's.  If a Product Category button is added and pressed in the retail module, a product selection screen for that category will be opened. The cashier will be able to add multiple items to the sale without needing to scan the items. Normally you would add a category of products that are oft

Using multiple printers for different forms

ROBOTILL version 6.05 allows you to choose different printers for different forms (till slips, receipts, quotations, intermediate bills, etc). With previous versions the default printer would have been used by POS Retail module and POS Restaurant module. You can now for instance choose that the receipts be printed on your POS slip printer but that the lay-bye contracts be printed on a A4 printer.  To see how to set this up see: POS Printers in our online help The different forms can also be designed for different stationary (slip paper or A4) - see Print Design for more information. Other changes in version 6.05: The Refunds report has been improved.  It is now possible to turn on a warning if stock that is 'out of stock' is being added to a sale. To add this feature, in Manager go to Setup > System Configuration > 'General Setup' and check the box that says "Warn if items that is out of stock is sold" An option was added during the stoc