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Upgrade to new ROBOTILL License

As explained in a  previous article , ROBOTILL has a new licensing system. If you are an existing customer that upgraded to the full edition before version 5.80.07, please follow these instructions to upgrade to the new system. Get the Registration Code of ROBOTILL as explained in our online help - Register ROBOTILL Customers upgrading from and old version will need to supply some additional information not mentioned in the online help: New Registration Code as displayed in the image above. Legacy Registration Number - To get this number, open ROBOTILL Manager on the computer you want to re-register, click on Help > Legacy Registration Number. The number will automatically be copied to your clipboard and you can just right click in an email and click on Paste. Description of Computer - Example 'Back Office Computer' or 'Till 2'. Email used to purchase the license - This is only needed if you are emailing from another email address. Example of Email:

Protect your POS System against Ransomware

I am sure you are aware of the biggest cyber attack ever - WannaCry. Up to a million computers were affected and the virus is still spreading. It is a ransomware attack, meaning the attackers demand payment before releasing the hijacked computers. If no payment is made the data on the computer is lost. To protect your valuable Point Of Sale data of your ROBOTILL system, do the following: Enable automatic daily backups in ROBOTILL  Copy the backup files on another device like an external hard drive or a cloud sever. Make sure your Windows updates are up to date. If you follow these steps, the data in your Point Of Sale System will be safe.

ROBOTILL Licensing System Upgraded

ROBOTILL upgraded its Point of Sale Software Licensing System. Customers of the Free POS Software Edition and new customers will not be affected. Existing customers will need to register again. For this reason it is suggested that customers of the Full Edition with version number 5.80.04 or earlier, upgrade and email the new registration codes directly after close of business to allow the ROBOTILL Support team enough time to generate new keys for them. There where two main reasons for the licensing upgrade: Unlike the old licensing system, the new licensing system will not require new keys after a major Windows upgrade or a computer name change. Due to the fact that ROBOTILL is becoming a very popular Point of Sale System, it has become the target of hackers and crackers.  To see how the new ROBOTILL Registration works, see our online help: