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ROBOTILL Version 6.04.01 Released

ROBOTILL released version 6.04.01 of their Point of Sale System with the following enhancements and fixes: New discounts report was added. Available at Reports > Sales > Discounts. On the Restaurant POS Module, if you selected that waiters must enter their passwords, you can now allow a manager or supervisor to select the table without needing to change the waiter at the table. This is done with the security override feature and the security level required can be specified in the Task Security (new task is 'Select Any Table'). Pole display was fixed to show the price including or excluding tax as selected in setup. Combo deals and coupons did not display in the intermediate bill - this is now fixed.  The new version can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Website .

Restaurant Waiter Stations

With ROBOTILL Restaurant Software  you can set-up waiter stations. Waiters can use a waiter station to select his/her tables, add items, send order slips through to the kitchen or bar, print intermediate bills, split bills, add tips and more. Previously, waiters had to use one of the till points where the cashier that allocated him/her the table was logged in. Now (in version 6.04), waiters can use any till point no matter who is logged in. To create a dedicated waiter station that will not be used for payments, do the following: You will need another Windows computer. A touch screen will be better but is optional.  Link the new ROBOTILL installation to your server by following these steps when you install .  In ROBOTILL Manager (from any computer), create a 'Waiters' user (or multiple of these for each waiter station).  If you chose not to automatically allocate cash drawers then you will need to open a drawer for this user in ROBOTILL Manager. As no sales will be