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ROBOTILL Version 2.1 Released

ROBOTILL Version 2.1 has been released and is available for download. New in version 2.1: Graphical Print Layout Design System The new version has a powerful and flexible print layout design system. You can now fully customize all your printed forms including till slips, refund slips, account payment slips, quotes and order slips. Changing the layout is now easy with the new ‘drag and drop’ graphical interface. Order Slips and Department Printers The system allows you to optionally print Order Slips. An order slip is a slip that will be printed to a department printer of items purchased from that department. Examples where you would use a department printer: If your store has a Take away (Fast Food) department you can setup a printer in the kitchen. When someone orders items from the take away menu, all the items on the Till Slip that is in the Take away department will also be printed on an Order Slip that will be printed in the kitchen. With some of the bigger it