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Custom Orders - Build Your Own Pizza

Custom orders (custom stock items) will be items like 'Build Your Own Pizza' where you allow the customer to choose his own toppings. The Restaurant Software Module allows you to add notes to items. These notes are great to let the kitchen know how a steak should be cooked as the instructions are only printed on the orders slips. The notes however will not work for custom orders as you want the order total to be adjusted depending on what custom toppings the customer chooses. For a 'custom order' it would be better to add items (toppings) as stock items. By default, ROBOTILL will not add another item to the order if the order already has that item. Instead it will increase the quantity of the item that is already in the order. The reason for this is to reduce the amount of till slip paper that is used. If you are working with custom orders, this feature is however not ideal as you would like to keep the items separate. You would for example want to see for ea

POS Software Online Help

ROBOTILL has a new ROBOTILL POS Online Help  System: The new online help will replace the local help file that was installed with ROBOTILL. From the next version of ROBOTILL (current version is 4.20.1), all the ROBOTILL applications will also use the online help (the help buttons in ROBOTILL will open the online help at the place you need to be).

POS Software for Windows 10

ROBOTILL Version 4.2 is Windows 10 ready! ROBOTILL  is Point of Sale Software  for Retail Shops and Restaurants  that uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine. This makes the ROBOTILL system fast and robust even when there are multiple tills and back office computers connected to the same system. Even the free edition of ROBOTILL allows an unlimited number of tills and back office computers to be connected to the system. Previously ROBOTILL was using SQL Server 2008 R2 that is not supported in Windows 10. Version 4.2 of ROBOTILL now use SQL Server 2014. If this sounds all to technical for you, don't worry - ROBOTILL can install SQL Server for you - you can just sit back and relax.  Even if you need to use multiple tills (POS Points) and back office computers, the ROBOTILL install wizard makes the installation easy. ROBOTILL Version 4.2 can be downloaded from  (Click on Downloads). Already have ROBOTILL installed with SQL Server 2008?