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ROBOTILL Version 9.04 available

  ROBOTILL Version 9.04 is available. We would like to thank all our customers for their feedback and for helping us make ROBOTILL the best point of sale software system ! The following is new in version 9.04: You can now force stock codes to be unique. See #1 in General Settings . A problem in the 'Profit and Tax Per Item' report has been fixed. A double click in the product search screen sometimes caused a fatal error - this has been resolved. Lay-by contracts are now added in the 'sales per day' report on the day the contract is completed. You can now view customer statements for deleted customers in the report section. Customer account statements have been improved according to accounting standards. When changing a price tier after an item was added, and then you add the same item to the sale, it caused the receipt to display the correct totals but the unit prices did not correspond to the item sub totals - this has been resolved.  Account payment receipts now allow