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Customer Pole Display

ROBOTILL now supports Customer Pole Displays! The reason we waited so long before we included Pole Display support is that initially we decided to rather support the additional monitor customer display. These displays are becoming popular as they can also be used to display images and other information to the customer (like specials and adverts). We are still planning on including this feature and hope to release it early 2017. We have however decided to now release a version that support the traditional Pole Displays ... after some pressure from our customers :) The new version that supports the pole display can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL website. The Pole Display support is available for the Retail Point of Sale Module and the Restaurant Point of Sale Module. For information on how to set this up see the Pole Display Help page .

Keeping track of Stock - Potato Example

ROBOTILL allows you to keep track of stock on hand, including ingredients. For this example we will look at how a shop can keep track of the amount of potatoes that was used. 1) Create an Ingredients Category To avoid all the ingredients popping up in the Point of Sale module when a cashier/waiter is busy selecting products, create a separate category for ingredients. Check the box 'Hide in POS Modules'. 2) Add the Ingredients as Products Lets say the shop receive the potatoes in 7 KG bags, then we add a product called 'Potatoes 7 kg'. Remember to select the 'Ingredients' category to prevent this item from showing up at the till. 3) Add the items that you want to sell Lets say a 'Small Chips' use 560g of potatoes.  That means from one 7 kg bag it will use 0.08 potatoes (560 / 7000 = 0.08 ). So when we create our 'Small Chips' item, we add potatoes as a sub item and change the number to 0.08. In the same way w

Accept EFT, paypal and other payments for account payments.

ROBOTILL Version 5.42 has been released. Account payments now also support the customized payment option that was available in standard sales for some time. The ROBOTILL Point of Sale System allows you to set up a customized payment option (in addition to cash, credit/debit cards, and account payments). This can be used for EFT (online bank transfers), paypal, bitcoin etc. For more information on how this works, see Payment Options in the help file . In previous versions this customized payment option was only available for normal sales and not for account payments. In version 5.42 that was just released, this payment option is also now available when account payments is done. Customer accounts with customer statements and reports are available in both the Retail Point of Sale System and the Restaurant Point of Sale system of ROBOTILL.

Easy customization of POS till slips

ROBOTILL has a unique custom build tool that allows you to easily customize all your till slips using a 'drag and drop' feature. The Print Design Tool in ROBOTILL has been improved in version 5.41 that was just released (available for download from ) All the print slips are now listed in one place with the new 'Print Form Selection Screen'. The selection screen also tells you what each form (print slip) is used for so that you can make sure you are working on the correct layout. The design screen itself has also been improved to make it easier to change the way your till slips look. For more information see the Print Design section in the Online Point of Sale Help File .

ROBOTILL Version 5.4 Released

Version 5.40 of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale Software is now available and can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Website ( ). The following is new in Version 5.40: Sale Orders was added The Lay-By (Lay Bye) section in ROBOTILL was improved to also cater for 'Sale Orders'. You can now use 'Lay-By / Sale Orders' for any sale that requires a deposit and one or more additional payments. Examples that you can use this for would include: Lay-By's (Lay Byes). A sale that required a deposit before an item is ordered or manufactured. To order an item for a customer with or without a deposit. With the start of each sale contract (can be Lay-By or Sale Order), two slips are printed: Slip for the customer. Internal slip that can be attached to the goods (for lay-by) or given to the manufacturing / ordering department (for a Sale Order). Both slips can be customized for any requirement. For more information on how to use Lay-bye and Order Sl

Why did my ROBOTILL revert back to the free edition?

If your ROBOTILL Full Edition just suddenly reverted back to the free edition and you did not change any hardware on your PC, then it is probably due to a major Windows update. Microsoft releases updates all the time, but every now and then they release a major update like the Windows 10 Anniversary Update that was just released. These updates are done automatically. The usual updates will not cause the ROBOTILL license to revert back to the free edition, but a major update might. A major update can change the operating system serial number. This number is used as part of the ROBOTILL licensing system. Your ROBOTILL registration number is a number consisting of 4 groups of 4 digit numbers. With a major Windows update, one of the number groups would have changed.  To get the new number, simply click on 'Upgrade Now' when asked if you want to upgrade to the full edition. All you need to do is just email ROBOTILL Support your new ROBOTILL registration number. ROBOTILL

ROBOTILL Versoin 5.32.3

ROBOTILL Version 5.32.3 is available for download. The following has changed: It is now no longer possible to close a drawer (shift) if there are open sales.  The 'Reprint Last Slip' has been included in the 'Reprint Slip' security check. You can now choose if you want to allow a cashier to reprint a last slip or if a supervisor should be called. The reason for this is that some electronic cash drawers always open when a slip is printed and not only when the open command is send from the POS system.  When you deleted products, it caused problems in one of the reports. This has now been fixed. Remember that all upgrades are free. To upgrade to a new version follow these instructions . To check your version number, open any ROBOTILL application and click on Help > About. To see what is the latest version go to the ROBOTILL Download page , the version number is on top of the page. To see what has changed, have a look at the ROBOTILL Blog , but remember tha

Barcode Number Generator

ROBOTILL Version 5.31 is now available for download . The new version now comes with a Barcode Number Generator. In the past, finding barcode numbers for products that didn't come with their own barcodes (UPC - Universal Product Code) was a bit of a mission. Each number needs to follow certain guidelines and also needed a checksum digit that needs to be calculated. Products that don't have barcodes will usually be locally produced products from small vendors. ROBOTILL will now generate  EAN-13 barcode numbers with the click of a button (also in bulk if needed). With ROBOTILL you can also print your own barcode labels for products or product shelves. For more information on barcode number generation see the online help . Important Update! This upgrade is recommended to all customers as version 5.31 also contain a fix. In previous versions when you deleted products, it might have affected some of the historic reports. Remember, all upgrades are free to all custome

New ROBOTILL Website

The ROBOTILL Website got a new look. It is also now mobile-friendly! Have a look: We now have a 'What our customers are saying' section on our website and would really appreciate your feedback. There are only 4 slots for feedback but the comments will be rotated on a regular basis.  To give feedback please email robotill the following details: Your comment - a short one line comment (preferable 5 words or less). Your name, company name and country Your website address (optional) so that we can link to your website. Your photo or logo (optional). The logo/photo will be resized to a 70 x 70 pixel image on our website. To see the comment section, go to We will really appreciate any and all feedback from our ROBOTILL customers.

Table Selection in POS Restaurant Module

POS Restaurant Tables - Click Image to Enlarge Selecting Tables in the Point of Sale Restaurant Module of ROBOTILL is now easier, quicker and better. The new Restaurant floor-plan will display the tables as they are located in your Restaurant or Bar. Tables are color coded so that you can see if a table is available or in use. When a table is selected the following information about the table will be displayed: Table Name / Number Cashier allocated to the table Waiter that is busy serving the table.  If a specific customer is allocated to the table, the customer name will also be displayed. A customer table can also be other items that orders can be allocated to, for example: Pub/Bar Chairs (see image above). Telephone Orders Take-Out Orders You can also add other features to your floor plan for example: entrances, walls, etc. (see image above).  For details on how to set up your floor plan, see the Restaurant Tables section in the ROBOTILL Online Help .

Setting up a kitchen printer

ROBOTILL allows you to set up department printers. An example of a department printer would be the kitchen printer. You can have multiple department printers, for example: Kitchen Printer Bar Printer Pizza Printer etc. In the Restaurant module , if the waiter clicks on 'Order' an order slip will be printed to each department. Each order slip for each department will only contain the items that needs to be prepared by that specific department. For example the food items will go to the kitchen department while the drink items will go to the bar department. More items can be added to the sale and only the new items will be printed to the department printers to prevent duplication (a full order can be resubmitted if needed). In the retail module department printers can also be used. Examples would be: Storage Room - An order slip can be printed to the storage room to notify the storage room personnel to retrieve a specific item for a sale. Take-out - If y

Where did the POS license that does not expire go?

ROBOTILL used to have a Point of Sale License that did not expire. The license was more expensive than the yearly license that is currently available, but it was a once off payment. The license was linked to a specific computer (hardware). So if you replaced your computer, you had to purchase another license (these conditions where clearly stated on the ROBOTILL website). On average computers gets replaced every 5 - 7 years, so it was still a much better deal than a yearly license. ROBOTILL however decided to discontinue the 'once-off' license for the following reasons: Although the conditions above where clearly stated on our purchase page, some customers where still unhappy if they needed to purchase another license when replacing a computer.  If the computer was stolen or you wanted to replace the computer after a couple of months, then it would have been better if you purchased the yearly license instead.  ROBOTILL offers FREE support and FREE upgrades. When you ha

Faster POS Card Payments

ROBOTILL allows you to configure card payments. You can specify what the card options are (Example: Visa, MasterCard, etc). In the POS application the cashier will then be prompted to select the card and enter additional optional information (name, authorization number, etc). Card payments with the additional information will be available in the reports. There are however some customers that will prefer to skip the card selection screen. If you only need to keep track of card payments and not the details of the card (example: card type, name on card, authorization number), then you can disable the card selection screen. To disable the card selection screen, open Manager and go to Setup > System Configuration > Payment Options tab. POS Card Payment Setup - Click to enlarge Check the box that says 'Skip Card Selection'. Note that this does not disable card payments, it only bypass the additional card information screen. This feature is useful if you don't n

Automatic Daily Backups

You can now relax as ROBOTILL will do full database backups daily! We all know how important backups are for your Retail Store or your Restaurant . There is a lot that can go wrong: Hard Drive Failure Theft or Fire User error during a bulk operation like bulk stock import or updates. If you don't have a backup of your Point of Sale System , you could loose valuable data (sales history and reports). You could also face a lot of downtime while you need to set up the system again. This will not only be products and prices but also the print layout of slips, users, employees, etc. It always was possible to easily do a backup with ROBOTILL, but now with Version 5.1 you can enable automatic daily backups ... by simply checking one box. ROBOTILL Backup - Click to enlarge The automatic backup feature is also available in the FREE Point of Sale Edition of ROBOTILL . For more information on how the backup works, see the Backup section in the ROBOTILL Online Help

ROBOTILL Version 5 is here!

Retail POS Module - Click on Image to enlarge Restaurant Module - Click to enlarge ROBOTILL has released version 5 of its popular Point of Sale Software system. Apart from a new modern look, the following has been added: Easy to Use and Powerful The new features like attributes and variants are very useful but completely optional. The new product setup has been designed to help you to easily and quickly add products. More advanced features are now in separate tabs so that they are easily accessible to users who want to make use of them but out of site and not confusing to users who want to stick to the basics. POS Product Attributes Also called product tags or sub categories in other systems, the attributes has been designed to be extremely flexible so that it can work for any possible scenario. Any number of attribute groups can be added with any number of options per group. Different attribute groups can be added to different products. In ROBOTILL, att

Discard Stock

It is sometimes needed to discard stock. Reasons might include breakage, stock that expired, etc. In the past you needed to take care of this with the Stock Take functionality in ROBOTILL . With version 4.31 you can now use the new 'Discard Stock' functionality to quickly discard stock and adjust the stock levels. In ROBOTILL Manager go to Stock > Discard Stock. You can just scan the item or type a code or part of the description and the quantity to discard. The stock quantities will be adjusted and details about the transaction (date, user, reason, stock item and quantity will be saved). There is also a 'Discarded Stock Report' that can be filtered by date range. Click on image to enlarge For more information about ROBOTILL ( Point of Sale System ) or to download the free edition, go to

Important ROBOTILL Update

High Priority Update: If you are using more than one till (POS Point) with ROBOTILL you need to download and install the latest version. There was a problem that caused a sale to disappear (very infrequently) if multiple tills were used at the same time.This problem has been fixed in version 4.3 that is now available for download. Other New Features in ROBOTILL Version 4.3 The Restaurant Module now also supports a barcode scanner in the main POS screen. This change was requested as some restaurants and coffee shops not only sells items from their menu but also loose items that needs to be scanned. Customers can now be deleted (in the past you could only add and edit customers). The Export Manager has been improved to support scale software that requires fonts in the export files. The Upgrade Process from an older version to a new version has been improved. Remember, all upgrades are free of charge! Download the Version 4.3 now from