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VAT Increase in South Africa

Value Added Tax (VAT) will increase from 14% to 15% on the 1st of April 2018. To do this change in the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System is quick and easy. This article will explain how to do the change. In ROBOTILL you can schedule price changes so that a price change only takes effect on a specific date. You cannot however schedule a TAX change. That means you will need to do the change before the start of business on the 1st of April (or after close of business the previous day). To do the change only takes a couple of seconds. Changing VAT in ROBOTILL In ROBOTILL Manager, go to Setup > System Configuration > General Configuration > Sales Tax. Click on 'Manage Tax Items' Select the 14% VAT Item and click on 'Edit'. Change the percentage to 15 and click on Update. That is it! All your products will now automatically have the new price calculated from the price excluding tax. The change will also not affect your history of sa

Important Update - Version 7.04.02

ROBOTILL released an urgent update for version 7.04. A new feature release caused a problem with the printing of some slips/receipts. The affected versions with the problem are: 7.04.00 7.04.01 The printing problem in these versions are fixed in version 7.04.02 that is now available for download. To upgrade to the latest version please download ROBOTILL and follow the steps below: