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Connecting your POS Back Office PC remotely

ROBOTILL allows you to connect multiple tills (POS Computers) and back office computers (used for management) to your Point of Sale System - as long as all the computers are connected to the same network (same WIFI or LAN). But what do you do if you want to connect to your shop or restaurant from home? Recommended option - Easy to do You can easily work remotely by installing something like TeamViewer or Anydesk on your back office PC at the shop. If you only have one computer at the shop, you can also install it on your till but that will mean you will only be able to connect remotely when the till is not in use. You can set TeamViewer or Anydesk up for unattended access, meaning you can connect remotely from home without needing someone at the shop to accept the connection. You will have full control on the back office PC, meaning you can log into ROBOTILL Back office, add or update products, run reports, do cash-up's and more. Other options to work remotely Using a VPN. If y