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Connecting your POS Back Office PC remotely

ROBOTILL allows you to connect multiple tills (POS Computers) and back office computers (used for management) to your Point of Sale System - as long as all the computers are connected to the same network. So what do you do if you want to connect to your shop or restaurant from home?

If you want to add a computer to your system - it is easy - you just follow the instructions on how to install an additional computer in the online help. The computer however needs to be on the same network. So if you need to connect a computer from a different location, then you have the following options:

Option 1 (easiest option): Use Teamviewer

You can use software like TeamViewer that you can install and set up for unattended remote access. You can then connect to a computer at your shop and work in ROBOTILL Manager remotely. If you have an additional computer at the shop/restaurant that you can install as the back office computer - you can connect to that computer. That way you can work remotely without interrupting the cashiers at the till points.

What you need to do:
  1. Install an additional back office computer at your shop/restaurant (Optional).
  2. Install TeamViewer or similar software on the back office computer and set it up for unattended remote access.
  3. Connect remotely via TeamViewer from home to work in ROBOTILL Manager.
  4. If you need reports, you can run the reports and export them to PDF or CSV and transfer the file via TeamViewer to your home computer.

Option 2: Using a VPN

You can set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN works like a local network over the Internet.

What you need to do:
  1. We suggest you make one of your till points (POS Computers) or a back office computer at the shop/restaurant your ROBOTILL Server. That way, if you have problems with your VPN or if the connection is slow it will not slow down your till point(s) or cause problems.
  2. You then need to install VPN software and set up your VPN. Note that ROBOTILL Support will not help setting up a VPN - you can contact your VPN service provider for help. Once your VPN is up and running ROBOTILL Support will help with any other ROBOTILL related issues you have.
  3. Once your virtual network is up, you can just follow the instructions for installing an additional computer.

Option 3: Using a Cloud Server

ROBOTILL can work with a cloud server instead of a local SQL Server. That means all your computers (till points and back office computers) do not need to be on a local network and only needs to be connected to the Internet - the computers can be at different locations.

This option is however not recommended for most cases for the following reasons:
  • You will need to pay Microsoft a monthly fee for your cloud server (We recommend Microsoft Azure Cloud servers).
  • If your internet connection goes down your system will not work. You will need a very fast and stable internet connection.
  • Even with a fast internet connection there will probably be a noticeable dip in performance - ROBOTILL can work with a cloud server but is not a pure cloud based system.
What you need to do:
 See: Using a cloud server in the online help.

Option 4: Head Office Module

You can now use our head office support features to work from home:
Note that you will only be able to update products remotely and you will only receive 3 major reports remotely. 

Option 5: Don't do it

ROBOTILL has complete stock control, many security features and security levels so that you can control who does what in your system. When you are home it is time to relax with your family and watch Netflix.