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Need Remote Support?

  ROBOTILL offers excellent free email support.  If however you do need someone to connect remotely to assist you, you can contact one of the ROBOTILL Resellers Why ROBOTILL Support only give email support ROBOTILL support will usually email you a link to the correct place in our comprehensive online help with steps to follow to resolve the issue. From time to time, we do get a customer that is unable to resolve the issue, either because they did not follow the instructions or because there is an unusual problem on their computer or network that needs to be resolved.  As a courtesy, we used to connect remotely to assist these customers. We however found that typically customers that require us to connect remotely, do so often. Either because they prefer that ROBOTILL support them remotely instead of following instructions or they frequently make network and server changes requiring us to connect computers that we previously already connected.  If we had to continue to provide this ser

ROBOTILL Version 9.11 Released

  ROBOTILL Version 9.11 has been released. The accounting integration has been improved to make it simpler and easier. It is also more generic to import into other accounting systems. We will be releasing a video on how the new integration works in the next couple of days. The following were also added: New Sales Tax report. It is a detail report of how your total sales tax (VAT) is calculated for a specific period and include invoice numbers and amounts per sale.  Print items added to the order slip layout. These items can be added to the order slip if required.  The new version of the point of sale system can be downloaded here .