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Important Upgrade

  It is recommended that all users of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale system upgrade to Version 9.16.01 that has just been released. It is only a revision release that usually includes quality fixes, but this version includes a bug fix that can affect data. Please follow these steps to upgrade  steps to upgrade .

ROBOTILL Version 9.16 released

  ROBOTILL Version 9.16 has been released. The home screen of the back office app has been improved and now includes charts to give you an overview of how your business is performing.  It is recommended that you always upgrade to the latest version as new versions (including version 9.16) usually includes quality fixes. You can download the new version of the ROBOTILL point of sale system here .

Service Charge

  You can now add service charges to your sales in the retail module and the restaurant module of ROBOTILL (from version 9.15). A service charge will automatically calculate the price to be the specified percentage of the sale.  With  Waiter Tips  where the tip can also be specified as a percentage of the sale, the tip is recorded and linked to the sale, but kept separate from the sale. Tips are allocated to a specific waiter and no sales tax can be added to tips. The service charge on the other hand is included in the sale and it is possible to allocate a sales tax to the service charge.  To set up a service charge see: Service Charge setup . In the restaurant module you can also choose to automatically add the service charge to every sale. See 'Compulsory product' in the Restaurant Settings .

New version - better performance

  ROBOTILL version 9.14 has been released and is available for download. The new version has a new reporting module that is more robust and easier to use. We also have done various performance improvements that will especially benefit customers with large databases.  The quantities of stock on hand that was removed from product listings in version 9.13 is now back in version 9.14 with the option to remove it.  The latest version of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale system can be downloaded here .

Price increase coming - buy now to save!

  It's been a couple of years since we last had a price increase. At ROBOTILL we strive to keep our prices as low as possible. We will have a small price increase that will take affect on the 1st of March 2024 . Both our one year and two year licences will increase with R 120.00. One year licence: R 1 300.00 (R 1495.00 with VAT) Two year licence: R 2 300.00 (R 2 645.00 with VAT) Our international USD prices will remain the same.  If your licence expires later in the year, you can purchase now to avoid the increase. Your licence will be extended from the time it expires.  The free edition is still free and still never expires!

Using category groups in your restaurant app

  ROBOTILL Version 9.13 now supports category groups that can be used to better organize your restaurant app menu for faster product selection. Watch the video to see how it works. The new version also includes a new security option to block removal of items from a sale once the bill was printed (but the sale wasn't yet paid/completed).

ROBOTILL Version 9.12 released

  ROBOTILL Version 9.12 has been released and is available for download . We have made performance improvements that will be especially noticeable if you are making intensive use of recipe inventory control . In the retail module, you can also now choose to have the stock code added to the sale view. To enable see #3 in We have some exciting improvements planned for ROBOTILL this year! Make sure to follow us on facebook so that you will receive a notification when we publish information about new versions on this blog.