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Restaurant Order Attributes

How to use order attributes in your Restaurant Software . Training video on how to use order attributes in the restaurant module to prompt the waiter for specific options for specific products. For example how the customer's steak should be done.

Selling retail products in different combinations

How to receive and sell stock in different combinations with your Retail Software using compound items. In this video we use the example of a 6 pack coke that you can sell as a 6 pack or individual coke cans. How to keep track of your stock on hand and use different product prices for the different combinations.   

Upgrading to ROBOTILL Version 8

The ROBOTILL Version 8 release is a major release. If you are upgrading from ROBOTILL Version 7 (or earlier versions) to version 8 please take note of the following: Normally you don't need new licence keys when upgrading, but we made some changes to our licencing system. You will need to follow the new registration instructions  to get new keys (no need to pay again). We should email the new keys withing an hour or two (but allow for up to 8 hours). For this reason we suggest you do the upgrade after close of business so that you will have the new keys before you start working again. In version 8 you no longer log into the POS apps using a username and password. Usernames and passwords is used for ROBOTILL Manager and ROBOTILL Branch. For the POS Apps you now use a user PIN. With a new install the default pin is 12345. If you however upgraded from version 7 the PIN will be the user's card number. If card numbers were not used, then the user will have no PIN and you will