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How to create supplier orders

  This training video will show you how to create supplier orders in ROBOTILL POS system . It will also cover related topics like stock running low, reorder points, order packs and more.

Fixing Performance Issues

  ROBOTILL is a fast and robust point of sale system . It uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database server. Even with several POS Computers (tills) and back office computers connected at the same time it should still be fast.   If however you experience performance problems, follow the steps below: Upgrade to the latest version . We are continually busy improving ROBOTILL, adding more features but also improving the performance.  Check to see if your computer is busy with Windows Updates. If it is, allow the updates to finish. Windows Updates can severely slow down a computer.  Close all other programs while working on ROBOTILL, including browsers, email and music apps. Some of these programs can use a lot of resources. Make sure it is not your printer that is causing a problem - to test turn off 'default printing' (see #1 in ). If it is no longer slow, you know it is a problem with your printer that needs to be sorted ou

Free POS Software just got better

  The popular free edition of the ROBOTILL point of sale system just got better. ROBOTILL removed the nagging ' Do you want to upgrade to the full edition? ' message that popped up every time you logged in.  ROBOTILL also increased the number of sales per day for the free edition. For the retail module it is now 200 and for the restaurant module it is 100 sales per day. The free edition never expires - but if you need more power you can upgrade to the full edition at any time. To upgrade is quick and you will not lose any data. There are no sale limit in the full edition and the full edition comes with a lot more features.  Download and start using your free point of sale system today. You can download from the ROBOTILL website. No registration required.

ROBOTILL Version 9.03 available for download

  ROBOTILL just released version 9.03 of their point of sale system. The new update has improvements for users of both the restaurant software and retail software .  The following is new: The cash withdrawal and cash drop functionality now prints a slip that can be customized in the print design tool of ROBOTILL.   The registration process has been improved so that the registration process is easier to follow. The till session report has been improved - more detail added. The cash up has been improved - required amounts for non-cash methods (card and other custom methods) are now taking refunds of the same payment type into account. The free edition no longer prompts the user to upgrade during log-in's. Stock take has been improved - attribute view was added and stock on hand for the scan option was added. The label printing screen displays more information for selected products.  The refund screens has been improved. Customer statements has been improved. With previous versions,