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ROBOTILL Version 9 Released

  The long awaited version 9 of ROBOTILL point of sale software has been released can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Website. This video gives an overview of the new version 9. What is different in version 9? ROBOTLL Back Office ROBOTILL Manager and ROBOTILL Reporting Module is gone. Both have been replace with the new ROBOTILL Back Office. When you log into the back office, you will start at the home screen (See 1 above). The navigation bar (1) will always be in the right upper corner to help you easily find your way back to a higher level or the home screen. All the functionality in back office (there is a lot) has neatly been grouped into sections that can be accessed by pressing one of the main buttons. The buttons will display a message in red if there is a section under that button that requires your urgent attention. See 2 above. The open till sessions (called Drawers in version 8) will be displayed. If a till has more cash than the limit that you have set, it will flash red