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Lay-bye sales now supported

The POS Software System ROBOTILL now supports laybye (layby, lay-bye) sales. A lay-bye sale allows customers to pay off items over a period with zero interest. The following lay-bye features are supported: Simply scan the items the customer wants to purchase on laybye. New laybye contract is printed together with an internal ‘stock reserved’ slip. Minimum deposit percentage can be set. Laybye payment slip with details like outstanding balance printed with each payment. Laybye reports on current, cancelled and completed laybye sales. Easy Laybye interface with option to setup customers from the POS screen. Other new features in ROBOTILL Version 2.7: If the quantity is more than one, the price per item is also now included in the slip. Total tax has been added as an optional print item if you prefer to use Total Tax instead of Tax detail. New Tax Report has been added. When you do a price change, you can now enter the price including tax or the price excluding tax.

ROBOTILL Version 2.5 Released

Version 2.5 of the Point of Sale Software System ROBOTIL has been released and can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL website . Changes include: New Tax Report When doing a Price Change you can now type the amount including or excluding tax. Quantity change now allows decimals. A Cash Drawer Report (Close of Register Report) has been added to the POS Application so that it can be printed on the POS Slip Printer (or any other printer).   New Change Price Screen. Existing ROBOTIL Customers can just uninstall the previous version of ROBOTIL from the Control Panel (Do no uninstall SQL Server). When installing the new version it will update your existing database and you will not loose any data. Always remember to do a Database backup before installing a new version.