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Easy to use POS Software

ROBOTILL has been designed to be easy to use. It is now even more user friendly with a new improved help file. ROBOTILL now uses a Windows Help File that is broken up into easy to use sections: General Help for general Point of Sale Software issues. A Retail Help Section if you are using the Retail Software Module A Restaurant Help Section if you are using the Restaurant Software Module. It also has Quick Start Guides if you only need help getting started and like to figure things out on your own. Context-sensitive help ROBOTILL Version 5.5 that is now available for download also include Context-Sensitive Help. There are now  Context-Sensitive Help buttons throughout the ROBOTILL Manager application that will open the new help file at the place you need help.

ROBOTILL Version 3.51 released

An urgent update for ROBOTILL is available for download. The following urgent fixes/changes where done: When finalizing a drawer before closing it (end of shift was done), it caused some problems. With version 3.51 it is no longer possible to finalize a drawer if it is not closed. You can now close a drawer (end a shift) and finalize it at the same time (optional). When updating a stock item, the stock count was set back to zero. This is now fixed. There is now a 'Not a counted item' option in stock item setup. When this is selected, everything related to stock count (stock on hand) for that item will be ignored. The 'Stock on Hand' for that item will always be zero. The above changes affected both the POS Retail Application and POS Restaurant Application . We would like to thank all our customers for their feedback and suggestions. The new version can be downloaded from

Till slip design more customizable.

Designing and setting up your till slips in ROBOTILL is very easy and flexible. The print design tool in ROBOTILL allows you to design all your printed forms with easy drag and drop. Now with version 3.5 it is even more customizable. ROBOTILL now added new 'table' items. The difference with the new items is that you can add any column in any order. Previously you could only choose from different column layouts. This is ideal if you are printing on pre-printed stationary or if you need to do something out of the ordinary. To use the new items, simply remove the standard 'detail' section that contained the items that was sold and replace it with the new 'table' items. You can add them in any order. They are 'grow' items so they will cause the items below to move down depending on how many items were sold (except for items that you have set as fixed height).  Unfortunately the new table items are not available in the FREE Point of Sale Sys

Important changes in ROBOTILL

Existing customers of the popular Point of Sale System ROBOTILL should take note of the following two important changes in Version 3.41: Change in how Cash Drawers work in ROBOTILL: If a cash drawer (shift) has not been opened for a cashier and the cashier logs in, the system will now automatically open a cash drawer (shift) for that user and allocate a default float. This feature can be disabled in Manager if required. The default float can also be specified in Manager.  When a cashier does a Cash Up, the drawer will not be closed (shift will be ended). The cash drawer can alternatively be closed from Manager.  In Manager, a Cash Drawer now needs to be Finalized. A Cash Drawer is Finalized to confirm that the cash counted by the cashier is the actual cash returned.  Change how 'Quantity Change' work in ROBOTILL: To change quantity of an item, the item now first needs to be scanned (or selected) before changing the quantity. With previous versions i