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ROBOTILL Version 3.51 released

An urgent update for ROBOTILL is available for download.

The following urgent fixes/changes where done:

  • When finalizing a drawer before closing it (end of shift was done), it caused some problems. With version 3.51 it is no longer possible to finalize a drawer if it is not closed.
  • You can now close a drawer (end a shift) and finalize it at the same time (optional).
  • When updating a stock item, the stock count was set back to zero. This is now fixed.
  • There is now a 'Not a counted item' option in stock item setup. When this is selected, everything related to stock count (stock on hand) for that item will be ignored. The 'Stock on Hand' for that item will always be zero.
The above changes affected both the POS Retail Application and POS Restaurant Application.

We would like to thank all our customers for their feedback and suggestions.

The new version can be downloaded from