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Barcode Number Generator

ROBOTILL Version 5.31 is now available for download . The new version now comes with a Barcode Number Generator. In the past, finding barcode numbers for products that didn't come with their own barcodes (UPC - Universal Product Code) was a bit of a mission. Each number needs to follow certain guidelines and also needed a checksum digit that needs to be calculated. Products that don't have barcodes will usually be locally produced products from small vendors. ROBOTILL will now generate  EAN-13 barcode numbers with the click of a button (also in bulk if needed). With ROBOTILL you can also print your own barcode labels for products or product shelves. For more information on barcode number generation see the online help . Important Update! This upgrade is recommended to all customers as version 5.31 also contain a fix. In previous versions when you deleted products, it might have affected some of the historic reports. Remember, all upgrades are free to all custome

New ROBOTILL Website

The ROBOTILL Website got a new look. It is also now mobile-friendly! Have a look: We now have a 'What our customers are saying' section on our website and would really appreciate your feedback. There are only 4 slots for feedback but the comments will be rotated on a regular basis.  To give feedback please email robotill the following details: Your comment - a short one line comment (preferable 5 words or less). Your name, company name and country Your website address (optional) so that we can link to your website. Your photo or logo (optional). The logo/photo will be resized to a 70 x 70 pixel image on our website. To see the comment section, go to We will really appreciate any and all feedback from our ROBOTILL customers.