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How to work with tables and tabs in ROBOTILL

  This training video will show you how to work with tables and tabs in the ROBOTILL point of sale system. It will also show you how to set up the restaurant floor plan and select the correct settings for your restaurant or bar. Tables and tabs are available in the free point of sale edition of ROBOTILL as well. 

ROBOTILL Version 9.09 Released

  A new version of the ROBOTILL point of sale system is available for download. We have improved the restaurant table selection screen, added tabs to the restaurant module and several other enhancements.  New in Version 9.09: The table selection screen has been improved. More information is now displayed in the tables. Note that round tables has fallen away and will now display as a square. You can still add round objects to the floor plan.  Tabs: Waiters/Cashiers can now use Tabs when using a table is not convenient - see Tables and Tabs Security task added - View all Tabs. Option added to only use Tabs (tables will fall away) - see Restaurant Settings Lay-By ID added to Lay-By Report. New report: Stock on hold for lay-by Added 'Category' and 'Supplier' to export version of 'Stock on hand' report. GRV Number added to stock receiving report. The new version can be downloaded here .