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Why did my ROBOTILL revert back to the free edition?

If your ROBOTILL Full Edition just suddenly reverted back to the free edition and you did not change any hardware on your PC, then it is probably due to a major Windows update. Microsoft releases updates all the time, but every now and then they release a major update like the Windows 10 Anniversary Update that was just released. These updates are done automatically. The usual updates will not cause the ROBOTILL license to revert back to the free edition, but a major update might. A major update can change the operating system serial number. This number is used as part of the ROBOTILL licensing system. Your ROBOTILL registration number is a number consisting of 4 groups of 4 digit numbers. With a major Windows update, one of the number groups would have changed.  To get the new number, simply click on 'Upgrade Now' when asked if you want to upgrade to the full edition. All you need to do is just email ROBOTILL Support your new ROBOTILL registration number. ROBOTILL

ROBOTILL Versoin 5.32.3

ROBOTILL Version 5.32.3 is available for download. The following has changed: It is now no longer possible to close a drawer (shift) if there are open sales.  The 'Reprint Last Slip' has been included in the 'Reprint Slip' security check. You can now choose if you want to allow a cashier to reprint a last slip or if a supervisor should be called. The reason for this is that some electronic cash drawers always open when a slip is printed and not only when the open command is send from the POS system.  When you deleted products, it caused problems in one of the reports. This has now been fixed. Remember that all upgrades are free. To upgrade to a new version follow these instructions . To check your version number, open any ROBOTILL application and click on Help > About. To see what is the latest version go to the ROBOTILL Download page , the version number is on top of the page. To see what has changed, have a look at the ROBOTILL Blog , but remember tha