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One month licences discontinued

We have decided to discontinue our one month licences. You will still be able to use the free edition of our point of sale system that does not expire. If you want to upgrade to the full edition you will be able to purchase a 12 or 24 month licence (as before, the one month licence option was only introduced 3 months ago).  The decision to discontinue the one month licences were taken because of the following reasons: The one month licence was a lot more popular than we expected. It resulted in a huge increase in our support team workload as each computer using the one month licence needs to be re-registered on a monthly basis. Customers purchasing the one month licences do not understand that using the one month licence would require then to re-register the PC every month - resulting in a couple of unhappy customers.  We realized that some users only purchase a one month licence to use the label printing feature of ROBOTILL.  We will still make the one month licences available at an i

Training video for new cashiers

Shop owners can use this training video to train new cashiers that will be working on the retail module of the ROBOTILL point of sale system. If you are a shop owner that needs to setup ROBOTILL, then you could rather look at our other getting started videos intended for admin users.