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Compound Stock Level Fix

ROBOTILL released an urgent fix for their Point of Sale system . Version 3.24.4 is available for download. The urgent fix was for compound stock levels that where not calculated when selling compound items. A compound item is a stock item that consist of one or more sub items. For example a 6 pack of cokes is a compound item. It can be sold as a unit (6 pack) or the cokes (sub items) can be sold separately. Follow these instructions to upgrade to the new version . If you were using compound items you also need to do the following step once to fix any problems that where created with the previous version: Open Manager, from the Tools Menu select Database Tools and then ‘Recalculate Compound Stock Levels’. Other changes included in the new version: A fix was done in the Export Manager (used to export data to scale software and other programs). In the Restaurant Module, users sometimes accidently double clicked a button causing the item to be added twice. A new rule was a

ROBOTILL Version 3.24.1 is ready for download

ROBOTILL has released version 3.24.1. The following features was added: The cash required and outstanding amounts can be hidden in the Cash Up Screen and the Cash Up print out. This can be selected in Manager > General Configuration. The account selection screen has been improved for quicker account selection. There is now a separate Print Design Layout for slips that are printed when an account payment was used. You can now add customer account information to the slip like account name, contact details and account balance. You can also add a place for the customer to sign on the slip. The new slip is available in the POS Retail and POS Restaurant modules. The latest version can be downloaded from

ROBOTILL integrates with Scale Software

ROBOTILL was able to read scale barcodes (barcodes that contain the weight or price) for quite some time. In the latest version of  ROBOTILL , it is also now possible to update your prices and stock on your scales (POS or Point of Sale scale) directly from  ROBOTILL . How it works: ROBOTILL  has an Export Manager that allows you to setup an export project for your Scale Software. You can set up the file in the format that your scale software will expect it. With the click of a button the file is exported and your Scale Software will pick it up and update your stock on the scale. Please note: Although  ROBOTILL  has developed the export system in such a way that it is very flexible and will work with most scales, we cannot guarantee that it will work with every single scale and its associated scale program.