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ROBOTILL Install Wizard Improved

ROBOTILL uses Microsoft SQL Server as a database engine to ensure that the system is fast and robust even if you have several POS Points and back office computers connected to the same server. The ROBOTILL Database Connection Wizard is used to install SQL Server if needed and connect all the computers to the server. In Version 4.23.3 (just released) the Wizard now comes with additional safety checks and prompts to prevent users from accidentally recreating the database (and loosing existing data). The Wizard will now clearly indicate when the database will be created (and if it exists, cleared) and when an existing database will be used. The new version can be downloaded from

POS Resellers

Become a ROBOTILL Reseller! ROBOTILL is easy to use - but still very powerful and flexible - Point of Sale Software.  ROBOTILL focuses on very specific type of POS customers - those customers who are willing to download the software, install it, set up their system and purchase their own POS Hardware (computer, touch screen, barcode scanner, POS Printer and electronic cash drawer). For these types of customers, ROBOTILL is an excellent choice as it is cheap, easy to install and comes with great online help ( ) and online support (email and teamviewer). There will however always be those customers that prefer not to do it themselves. They want someone else to install it and if they do get a problem, they want to pick up the phone and ask for help.  That is where YOU come in! You can install ROBOTILL at your customers and charge fees for the following: Installation and Setup On-site support and telephonic support (ROBOTILL only does

POS Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) involves a set of policies and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. When last did you do a backup?  You might think that having a history of your sales is not that important for running your business, but how long will it take you to start from scratch? Remember it is not just stock that you will need to add - you will need to setup the print layout of slips, add employees, coupon deals, etc, etc. ROBOTILL uses SQL Server as the database engine. SQL Server is a very robust and secure server but that will not help you with disasters like a hard drive crash, computer theft, fire, etc. There is also the possibility of user error. Some bulk actions like bulk stock import can cause serious problems if not done correctly. Disaster Recovery Plan Having a good disaster recovery plan is important. Here are a couple of things to remember: Do regular

Customer Statements Enhanced

ROBOTILL Version 4.23 has been released . The Customer and Customer Statements sections has been enhanced. Customer Screen - Click to enlarge Some fields where added to the customer screen in ROBOTILL. These fields has also been added to the Print Design Tool so that you can add the new fields to the Customer Statement. Note: The default statement only has the basic fields but you can easily add more fields to the customer statement in the Print Design Tool by simply dragging and dropping the fields where you want them. The latest version of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System can be downloaded for free from

Custom Orders - Build Your Own Pizza

Custom orders (custom stock items) will be items like 'Build Your Own Pizza' where you allow the customer to choose his own toppings. The Restaurant Software Module allows you to add notes to items. These notes are great to let the kitchen know how a steak should be cooked as the instructions are only printed on the orders slips. The notes however will not work for custom orders as you want the order total to be adjusted depending on what custom toppings the customer chooses. For a 'custom order' it would be better to add items (toppings) as stock items. By default, ROBOTILL will not add another item to the order if the order already has that item. Instead it will increase the quantity of the item that is already in the order. The reason for this is to reduce the amount of till slip paper that is used. If you are working with custom orders, this feature is however not ideal as you would like to keep the items separate. You would for example want to see for ea

POS Software Online Help

ROBOTILL has a new ROBOTILL POS Online Help  System: The new online help will replace the local help file that was installed with ROBOTILL. From the next version of ROBOTILL (current version is 4.20.1), all the ROBOTILL applications will also use the online help (the help buttons in ROBOTILL will open the online help at the place you need to be).

POS Software for Windows 10

ROBOTILL Version 4.2 is Windows 10 ready! ROBOTILL  is Point of Sale Software  for Retail Shops and Restaurants  that uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine. This makes the ROBOTILL system fast and robust even when there are multiple tills and back office computers connected to the same system. Even the free edition of ROBOTILL allows an unlimited number of tills and back office computers to be connected to the system. Previously ROBOTILL was using SQL Server 2008 R2 that is not supported in Windows 10. Version 4.2 of ROBOTILL now use SQL Server 2014. If this sounds all to technical for you, don't worry - ROBOTILL can install SQL Server for you - you can just sit back and relax.  Even if you need to use multiple tills (POS Points) and back office computers, the ROBOTILL install wizard makes the installation easy. ROBOTILL Version 4.2 can be downloaded from  (Click on Downloads). Already have ROBOTILL installed with SQL Server 2008?

Restaurant POS Module 4.13 Released

Version 4.13 of ROBOTILL is available for download . It is only the restaurant module that changed from version 4.12 to version 4.13. The following changes where done: In some cases (specific conditions needed to be present) some tables got stuck and it was not possible to clear these tables for new sales. This problem is fixed in version 4.13. Notes/comments added for specific items in an order was repeated on new order slips for that specific order - this is also now fixed. Thank you ROBOTILL customers for your feedback. Remember that all upgrades and support is free of charge!. For more information about the Restaurant POS System or the Retail POS System visit the ROBOTILL Website .

ROBOTILL accepts Bitcoin

Do you want to accept Bitcoin in your restaurant or shop ? ROBOTILL allows you to set up Bicoin as a payment method. Bitcoin as a form of payment for products and services has grown, and merchants have an incentive to accept it because there are almost no fees. It is easy to generate a QR code from your bitcoin app that your customers can simply scan on their mobile phones to do the payment. To add Bitcoin as a payment option in ROBOTILL, open ROBOTILL Manager, go to Setup > General Configuration > Payment Options. Did you know you can also pay for ROBOTILL with Bitcoins? To purchase, just go to and click on Purchase. Select Bitcoin as the payment method and click on the Buy button.

ROBOTILL Version 4.11 Released

ROBOTILL Version 4.11 has been released and is available for download . The new version has a new Sale Detail By Date Report. What else is new? Some enhancements has been made to the reports. There was a bug in the Print Design form where the Print Preview and Design Print didn't show the latest changes. The bug was introduced in version 4.10.01 and now fixed in version 4.11. The pay screen will now have the amount payable as default (selected) so that it can quickly be selected if an exact amount is paid but also easily changed if not.

Import Stock From an Excel File

Tutorial Video on how to import stock from Excel or Open Office Spreadsheet into ROBOTILL . To download the FREE Edition of the Point of Sale Software System go to

Design your own Customer Statements

It is now easy to design your own Customer Statements in the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System . In previous versions you could design your own till slips but not your own Customer Statements. With the new version (4.10.01) that was just released you can now also design your own statements. It is easy to select the items you want and simply drag and drop them on the page where you want them. You can also add a company logo and any other company information you want. The Print Layout Screen of ROBOTILL was also improved with a new Preview option. To download the new version go to and click on Downloads.

Can't choose between Retail POS and Restaurant POS?

Do you have a Retail Shop with a Coffee shop inside the store?  Do you have a Restaurant or Coffee shop but you also sell stock items? Do you want all the Restaurant Features (working with tables, keeping multiple sales open, waiters, etc) but also all the Retail Features (scan items, quotes, etc)? You now no longer need to choose between Retail POS or the Restaurant POS modules. You can use both.  In Version 4 of ROBOTILL , there is now a Switch button that will allow you to quickly switch between the Retail POS Module and the Restaurant POS Module. If you only want to use the Retail Module or the Restaurant Module, you can hide the new 'Switch' button. In Manager go to Setup > System Configuration > General Tab   and check the 'Hide Switch Button in the POS Modules'. For more information about this Point of Sale Software System please visit There is a FREE Edition that you can download that does not expire.

Retail POS Tutorial Video

Training Video that shows how to get started with the POS Retail Module of ROBOTILL. For more Point Of Sale Training videos ( Retail Software and Restaurant Software ) see the ROBOTILL Website .

Getting Started With the POS Restaurant Module

Tutorial Video that shows you how to set up your Restaurant module of ROBOTILL. To download the FREE Point of Sale Edition of ROBOTILL go to

Combo Deals in POS - Tutorial Video

Video that shows how to set up a Combo Deal in ROBOTILL: For more information about Combo Deals or Coupons: See Coupons and Combo Deals For more information about ROBOTILL, visit

Tutorial on how to install ROBOTILL

Tutorial video on how to install ROBOTILL Point of Sale Software. To find out more about ROBOTILL visit:

Coupons and Combo Deals

ROBOTILL allows you to use Coupons and Combo Deals. Any type of Coupon can be used and examples of Combo Deals would be: Buy one get one free Buy 3 and get one free Buy 5 for the special price of ... Buy two 2L Cokes and get a packet of crisps for free Buy a Coke and Pie for the discount price of ... To set up a combo deal or coupon, open ROBOTILL Manager and go to Stock > 'Combo Deals and Coupons'. Each Combo Deal and Coupon work on the principle that some items are required (Required Items) in order to get a free item or discount (the Special Item). Coupons and/or required items can be scanned in any order. At the end of the sale the system will check if the sale qualify for any active Combo Deals. We will give 3 examples as most Combo Deals will fall into one of these categories. Example 1 - Free Item:  Buy 3 Cokes and get One FREE click on the image to enlarge it You can choose if you want to allow multiple combo deals per sale or r

Sort items in ROBOTILL

Do you have popular items or categories that you want to place in the beginning of the list so that they can easily and quickly be selected? Stock Items (products/menu items) and categories are sorted alphabetically in ROBOTILL. It is however possible to allow specific items to appear in the beginning of the list. This is useful when you want to place the popular items first. This feature is available in the Retail Software module as well as the Restaurant Software module. It is especially useful in the Restaurant module as items are selected and usually not scanned. Importance Weighting For both stock items (menu items) and categories you can now add a importance weight in the setup screen for stock items and categories. The higher the weight the higher items will appear in the list. You can choose a number from 0 - 100 but you don't need to allocate sequential numbers. For example, the items you want on the first page you can add a weight of 2 and then the items on

Allow your tills to work off-line

You can now continue with sales even if the network goes down or if there is a problem with the server. ROBOTILL Version 3.81 has an off-line mode for the retail modules. The new off-line mode is only available for retail modules and not the restaurant modules. Working off-line is only an emergency measure. The system will allow you to continue with sales but a lot of the features will be disabled in off-line mode. For more information about the off-line mode see the help file of ROBOTILL (the off-line mode help is in the retail section of the help). Note: You should only set up the off-line system if you have multiple tills and really need to be able to work if the network goes down. The off-line system requires additional resources so it is not recommended for customers who do not need it. The FREE edition of the Point of Sale Software can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Website .