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Version 8.09 released with arithmatic overflow fix

ROBOTILL Version 8.09 has been released and is available for download. The new version has two new reports. It will also prevent the 'arithmatic overflow' error that some users got (due to incorrect user input).

The following is new in version 8.09:
Refunds report improved.New Refunded Items report will list all the items that were refunded via 'Refund Item' or 'Refund Sale'.New 'Payments From Accounts' report will list all payments that were done for sales using customer accounts.If discounts were used, the totals for the Product Sales report did not work - this is now fixed.In previous versions is was possible to enter an invalid 'stock on hand' or 'stock received' amount. The cashier would have been warned that the amount was too big to be a stock on hand (usually when a barcode was scanned instead of entering a number) and the user would have been asked to confirm the amount. If the cashier chose to continue it later caused 'arith…
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Surviving Load Shedding

Our customers in South Africa are again experiencing load shedding (rolling blackouts). Running a shop or restaurant that is at times without power is not the only problem - load shedding can also damage your computer or files on your computer (including your point of sale database system files).

When there is a power failure and your PC does not have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), files can get damaged or corrupted because a proper shut down was not done. When the power comes back on the risk is even greater as there is sometimes a power surge that can damage electronic devices - damage to your computer itself (hardware) or files on your computer can get corrupted.

You can follow the steps below to protect your point of sale system:
Make sure you have automatic daily backups enabled.Your backups must be copied (or directly created) to an external device or the cloud (like Google Drive).Check your load shedding schedule and shut down any PC's without UPS before the power goes…

Hospitality Software module now available

The ROBOTILL Hospitality module is now available. The hospitality module is ideal for hotels and B&B's - but will work for any industry where resources (rooms, tennis courts, equipment, technicians, etc.) needs to be booked.

The hospitality module is an add-on to the ROBOTILL Point of Sale system and works with the rest of the ROBOTILL modules. That means it is backed with all the power of the ROBOTILL POS system (compound items, combo deals, loyalty program, discounts, customer accounts, etc).

For more information on how it works you can have a look at the hospitality online help. The hospitality module has a free edition and can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL download page.

.NET Framework Blocking Issues on Windows 7

If you are trying to install ROBOTILL on a Windows 7 computer and you are getting the '.NET Framework Blocking Issues' error or another message about the .NET Framework, follow the steps below:
Run all outstanding Windows updates on your computer.Restart your computer and check that your computer is up to date - if not, repeat the first two steps.Once your computer is up to date you can run the ROBOTILL install again - the install should now finish without a problem. If you still have a problem, download the latest version of the .NET Framework directly from Microsoft's website and install directly. It is only on Windows 7 that you might get problems with the .NET Framework install as the .NET Framework is automatically installed on Windows 10.

ROBOTILL Version 8.07 released

ROBOTILL Version 8.07 is availalbe for download. The reporting module and the waiter ordering system has been improved.

A lot is going on in the background when multiple waiters places multiple orders in a short period of time. Each order is split into departments (kitchen, bar, etc) and the orders are sent to the various department printers. We have made this process more robust.
There is now also Order History You can now see what items were ordered, when and how. In the Restaurant Module, select the table(sale) and then select 'Menu'.

In version 8.07 there is now a 'Order History' button. When you select it, the items that was ordered with the times will be displayed.

It is also possible to view the history of ordered items for sales that has been completed. This is done in the Reporting Module. In the Reporting Module select the new 'Order History' report. You will then have to select the sale you want to view and click on 'Run Report'.

Windows Protected Your PC

If you get the 'Windows protected your PC' when downloading and installing ROBOTILL, click on the 'More Info' link.

In the next screen, make sure the Publisher is ROBOTILL (PTY) LTD and then click on 'Run anyway'.

Why you got this messageROBOTILL is registered with an international certification authority that have verified our business. They have issued ROBOTILL with a software certificate that helps protect our users as our software is signed with the certificate. 
Once a year (usually in November) we need to renew our certificate. That means we get a new certificate from the certificate authority and we sign the ROBOTILL applications with the new certificate.
The new certificate needs to build up a 'good reputation' with Microsoft SmartScreen before it will automatically bypass SmartScreen. This usually only takes a couple of days - but for some reason this year it is taking much longer. 
We are currently investigating why the SmartScreen trust is t…

New POS Reporting Module

ROBOTILL just released a new Reporting Module for its Point of Sale System. The new reports comes with various charts and all the reports can now be exported to Excel or other spreadsheets (previous versions only some reports could be exported).

The main reason for the new reporting module is that it will allow us to add new reports and enhance current ones more effectively - something that was very important to us as we are planning on adding several new reports in the coming weeks.

Reports are no longer availabe in ROBOTILL Manager. The new reporting module is a separate module that is automatically installed as part of the main ROBOTILL install file. If you are upgrading from a previous version you simply need to download and run the latest install file to upgrade your current version. A new 'ROBOTILL Reports' icon will be added to your desktop and a shortcut will also be added to the ROBOTILL program group.

The ROBOTILL Reporting Module does not require a separate licence.…