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Preventing employee theft

  This video gives you tips on how to improve the security of your point of sale system. It also explains how users, user access and task security works in ROBOTILL. 
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ROBOTILL Version 9.06 Released

  Version 9.06 of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System has been released and is available for download. The following is new: The sale and open till session totals are hidden from the Back Office application when ROBOTILL Back Office is in lock mode that requires a user to log in. You can now choose to hide the sale and open till session totals in the Home screen from Supervisors when they log into ROBOTILL. See System Security on how to change these settings. Transaction ID's / Sale ID's are unique but not sequential. ROBOTILL now added a sequential Invoice number that can be added to receipts/invoices. You can also choose a starting number for your invoice numbers. See Invoice and Sale Numbers . The date range of sales for till sessions has been added to the till session report.  Other minor quality fixes has been done. To upgrade to the latest version, please follow the upgrade instructions . 

How to unlock the full edition

This video will show what steps you need to take to unlock the full edition of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale system. 

Cashback at the till

  With ROBOTILL it is easy to allow customers to withdraw cash at your till. This article will explain how to do it. The customer needs to purchase at least one item. If you want to allow a cash back even if the customer does not purchase anything, you can create a 'Cash Back Admin Fee' as a product with a small fee (for example a couple of cents). The cashier adds the item(s) the customer wants to purchase - or the admin fee to the sale. The cashier selects 'Pay' but then add the amount the customer wants to withdraw to the payment amount. For example, if the customer purchases an item of R 10 and wants to withdraw R 200 cash, the cashier changes the payment amount to R 210.00. The cashier selects the card payment option. The cashier will then be instructed by robotill to give R 200 change The cash in the drawer will be correctly updated. 

PiggyZen Accounting now supported

  ROBOTILL now supports PiggyZen POS Imports. That means you can now quickly and easily import all your accounting data into the PiggyZen accounting system . PiggyZen is an easy to use online accounting system. All your accounting data including sales, inventory purchases, refunds, sales tax, and customer account payments will be imported. Note that although PiggyZen has a free edition, you will need the Basic edition to import data from ROBOTILL. To see how to export the data from ROBOTILL and import it into PiggyZen, see

ROBOTILL Version 9.05 released

  A new version of our point of sale software system is available. You can download ROBOTILL version 9.05 from the our website .  If you are upgrading, follow these steps to upgrade . What is new in version 9.05? ROBOTILL can now export accounting data that can be imported into accounting systems. The export format is in the correct format for PiggyZen online accounting software .  The supplier for a product can now be specified in the bulk import file. You can set the supplier for new products or update existing products. The supplier field is also available for export. Product cost added to the export version of the price list. A couple of quality fixes were done in some of the reports.  A problem with the barcode generator that sometimes caused duplicates when used in conjunction with the head office module has been fixed.  More safety checks were added to bulk price change screen to catch user errors. 

Price Increase for 2022

  Although we will not have our yearly price increase this year, we were required to register for VAT. VAT will be added to our current prices from the 1st of March 2022. 12 month licence: R 1357.00 (including VAT of R 177.00) 24 month licence: R 2507.00 (including VAT of R 375.00) Our USD prices on PayPal will be updated on the 1st of March 2022. Our website will also be updated so that our invoices that are generated online will comply with the VAT requirements.  We would like to thank all our customers for helping our business to grow.