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Not commonly downloaded warning

  If you get this message that the ROBOTILL install file is not commonly downloaded, it means ROBOTILL recently renewed their software certificate. ROBOTILL uses a software certificate issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) that has validated ROBOTILL (the company). The certificate protects the user and ensures the software was not tampered with by an outside source. The warning message will appear for a couple of days after a new certificate was installed as the new certificate needs to become 'known'.  If you get the message, please follow these instructions Normally you can download ROBOTILL from any browser, but if you get the warning message, we recommend you use Microsoft Edge to download ROBOTILL. Move your mouse over the message and click on the 3 dots next to the message (not the 3 dots next to Downloads). Click on 'Keep'. Click on the down arrow next to 'Show More'. Click on 'Keep anyway'. Click on 'Open file'. You can then follow the
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Number of items in a sale

  In the ROBOTILL Point of Sale system you can print the number of items in a sale on the receipt. The number of items in a sale is not printed on the receipt by default but it can be added in the print design . How the number of items is calculated might not be as straight forward as you think.  The number of items on the receipt will not be the number of line items in the sale. If for example you purchased 3 bottles of water and one can of coke, there will only be 2 line items in the sale, but in the shopping bag there will be 4 items. With other words, the quantity for each line item is used - but not always ... If the item in the sale is a measured item (measured by weight, length or any other measurement), then the quantity for that line item will be ignored and the line item will be counted as one. The reason for this is that the quantity for a measured item will be the weight (length or other measurement) but in a shopping bag it will still be seen as one item.  Loose tomatoes

Integrating ROBOTILL POS with Accounting Software

  Training video to show you how to integrate your ROBOTILL Point of Sale software with the PiggyZen cloud based accounting system . It also explains how accounts in your accounting system are affected by  various point of sale transactions. 

One month licences discontinued

We have decided to discontinue our one month licences. You will still be able to use the free edition of our point of sale system that does not expire. If you want to upgrade to the full edition you will be able to purchase a 12 or 24 month licence (as before, the one month licence option was only introduced 3 months ago).  The decision to discontinue the one month licences were taken because of the following reasons: The one month licence was a lot more popular than we expected. It resulted in a huge increase in our support team workload as each computer using the one month licence needs to be re-registered on a monthly basis. Customers purchasing the one month licences do not understand that using the one month licence would require then to re-register the PC every month - resulting in a couple of unhappy customers.  We realized that some users only purchase a one month licence to use the label printing feature of ROBOTILL.  We will still make the one month licences available at an i

Training video for new cashiers

Shop owners can use this training video to train new cashiers that will be working on the retail module of the ROBOTILL point of sale system. If you are a shop owner that needs to setup ROBOTILL, then you could rather look at our other getting started videos intended for admin users.

Preventing employee theft

  This video gives you tips on how to improve the security of your point of sale system. It also explains how users, user access and task security works in ROBOTILL. 

ROBOTILL Version 9.06 Released

  Version 9.06 of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System has been released and is available for download. The following is new: The sale and open till session totals are hidden from the Back Office application when ROBOTILL Back Office is in lock mode that requires a user to log in. You can now choose to hide the sale and open till session totals in the Home screen from Supervisors when they log into ROBOTILL. See System Security on how to change these settings. Transaction ID's / Sale ID's are unique but not sequential. ROBOTILL now added a sequential Invoice number that can be added to receipts/invoices. You can also choose a starting number for your invoice numbers. See Invoice and Sale Numbers . The date range of sales for till sessions has been added to the till session report.  Other minor quality fixes has been done. To upgrade to the latest version, please follow the upgrade instructions .