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ROBOTILL runs on Windows 11

  ROBOTILL Point of Sale Software is supported on Windows 11. If the PC where ROBOTILL is installed is giving you the option to upgrade to Windows 11, you can go ahead and upgrade (if you want).  You will not need to register again or do anything else - ROBOTILL will just continue to work. ROBOTILL is committed to stay up to date with the latest technology. 
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ROBOTILL Version 9.04 available

  ROBOTILL Version 9.04 is available. We would like to thank all our customers for their feedback and for helping us make ROBOTILL the best point of sale software system ! The following is new in version 9.04: You can now force stock codes to be unique. See #1 in General Settings . A problem in the 'Profit and Tax Per Item' report has been fixed. A double click in the product search screen sometimes caused a fatal error - this has been resolved. Lay-by contracts are now added in the 'sales per day' report on the day the contract is completed. You can now view customer statements for deleted customers in the report section. Customer account statements have been improved according to accounting standards. When changing a price tier after an item was added, and then you add the same item to the sale, it caused the receipt to display the correct totals but the unit prices did not correspond to the item sub totals - this has been resolved.  Account payment receipts now allow

Change additional PC to Server PC

  ROBOTILL is a client-server system where you can have multiple computers linked to a server. If you aleady have ROBOTILL installed on your server PC but you know want to use one of the other computers as the server, then you can follow the steps in this article.  Choosing your server PC When using the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System you can choose a POS Computer (till point) or a back office PC as the server. Have a look at the minimum requirements of a server PC . If your back office computer is a laptop and the laptop will not always be connected to the network, then you will have to choose one of your till points as the server. Changing an 'additional PC' to be the server PC Do a database backup on your current server PC: On the PC that you now want to use as the server, go to All programs > ROBOTILL and open ROBOTILL Database Setup. Follow these steps: (even if you did not cha


The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) came into effect today in South Africa. As a registered company based in South Africa, ROBOTILL needs to be POPIA compliant. It however required very little change on our side as the privacy of our customers has always been important to us. You can view our Privacy Policy here .

How to create products with sub items

  This training video shows how to set up products with sub items - also know as compound items. It uses some interesting examples like draught beer. The video uses version 9.03 of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System .

How to create supplier orders

  This training video will show you how to create supplier orders in ROBOTILL POS system . It will also cover related topics like stock running low, reorder points, order packs and more.

Fixing Performance Issues

  ROBOTILL is a fast and robust point of sale system . It uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database server. Even with several POS Computers (tills) and back office computers connected at the same time it should still be fast.  We have customers with years of sales history (huge databases) with no performance issues.  If you experience performance issues or the system is unstable, then you could look at the following: Network Problems The most common problem is that the server computer (main PC where your database is) is fast, but that additional computers connecting to the server are slow at times.  The fact that the ROBOTILL applications on the server computer is fast, but slow on the other computers, point to a network problem. It is the same applications and the same database. The only difference is that the other computers need to connect via your network.   Try the following: Restart your router and all computers.  Move your computers closer to the router or extend its range. Chan