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Important ROBOTILL Update

High Priority Update: If you are using more than one till (POS Point) with ROBOTILL you need to download and install the latest version. There was a problem that caused a sale to disappear (very infrequently) if multiple tills were used at the same time.This problem has been fixed in version 4.3 that is now available for download. Other New Features in ROBOTILL Version 4.3 The Restaurant Module now also supports a barcode scanner in the main POS screen. This change was requested as some restaurants and coffee shops not only sells items from their menu but also loose items that needs to be scanned. Customers can now be deleted (in the past you could only add and edit customers). The Export Manager has been improved to support scale software that requires fonts in the export files. The Upgrade Process from an older version to a new version has been improved. Remember, all upgrades are free of charge! Download the Version 4.3 now from