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Easy customization of POS till slips

ROBOTILL has a unique custom build tool that allows you to easily customize all your till slips using a 'drag and drop' feature. The Print Design Tool in ROBOTILL has been improved in version 5.41 that was just released (available for download from ) All the print slips are now listed in one place with the new 'Print Form Selection Screen'. The selection screen also tells you what each form (print slip) is used for so that you can make sure you are working on the correct layout. The design screen itself has also been improved to make it easier to change the way your till slips look. For more information see the Print Design section in the Online Point of Sale Help File .

ROBOTILL Version 5.4 Released

Version 5.40 of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale Software is now available and can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Website ( ). The following is new in Version 5.40: Sale Orders was added The Lay-By (Lay Bye) section in ROBOTILL was improved to also cater for 'Sale Orders'. You can now use 'Lay-By / Sale Orders' for any sale that requires a deposit and one or more additional payments. Examples that you can use this for would include: Lay-By's (Lay Byes). A sale that required a deposit before an item is ordered or manufactured. To order an item for a customer with or without a deposit. With the start of each sale contract (can be Lay-By or Sale Order), two slips are printed: Slip for the customer. Internal slip that can be attached to the goods (for lay-by) or given to the manufacturing / ordering department (for a Sale Order). Both slips can be customized for any requirement. For more information on how to use Lay-bye and Order Sl