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Tracing Inventory Discrepancies

  It is the job of point of sale software to keep track of your inventory so that you know how much stock you have at all times. But what happens when the actual stock on hand, or the quantity that you think should be there, is different to what your POS system says? With earlier versions of ROBOTILL you had to look at several reports to figure out how the system came to the quantity it says should be there.  The reports included: Stock take report Stock receiving Product sales Discarded stock Returned stock You then also had to keep in mind that if you use compound items that the sale of one product can affect the quantity of other products. ROBOTILL now made it easy with a new 'Stock On Hand Trace' report. It will allow you to look at a specific product to see how the system got to the current stock on hand quantity.  The report is available from version 9.02.00 that can be downloaded from ROBOTILL .