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Lay-bye sales now supported

The POS Software System ROBOTILL now supports laybye (layby, lay-bye) sales. A lay-bye sale allows customers to pay off items over a period with zero interest. The following lay-bye features are supported: Simply scan the items the customer wants to purchase on laybye. New laybye contract is printed together with an internal ‘stock reserved’ slip. Minimum deposit percentage can be set. Laybye payment slip with details like outstanding balance printed with each payment. Laybye reports on current, cancelled and completed laybye sales. Easy Laybye interface with option to setup customers from the POS screen. Other new features in ROBOTILL Version 2.7: If the quantity is more than one, the price per item is also now included in the slip. Total tax has been added as an optional print item if you prefer to use Total Tax instead of Tax detail. New Tax Report has been added. When you do a price change, you can now enter the price including tax or the price excluding tax.

ROBOTILL Version 2.5 Released

Version 2.5 of the Point of Sale Software System ROBOTIL has been released and can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL website . Changes include: New Tax Report When doing a Price Change you can now type the amount including or excluding tax. Quantity change now allows decimals. A Cash Drawer Report (Close of Register Report) has been added to the POS Application so that it can be printed on the POS Slip Printer (or any other printer).   New Change Price Screen. Existing ROBOTIL Customers can just uninstall the previous version of ROBOTIL from the Control Panel (Do no uninstall SQL Server). When installing the new version it will update your existing database and you will not loose any data. Always remember to do a Database backup before installing a new version.

ROBOTILL prices reduced

Great news!! The yearly renewal fee for ROBOTILL Point of Sale System has been reduced. Previously you purchased a 1 year subscription and you had to pay a renewal fee each year. The price (see the ROBOTILL website for prices) is now a once-off fee. No subscriptions or renewal fees. ROBOTILL also still offers the FREE POS Software that can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL website.

ROBOTILL Version 2.4 Released

ROBOTILL has released a new version of their quality Point Of Sale Software system. New in Version 2.4: Bulk Stock Import functionality improved. Easy to use Database Backup and Restore added. ROBOTILL can now accept check payments (or cheque depending on where in the world you are). If you need POS software for your shop, you can download the free edition from

ROBOTILL Version 2.3 Released

ROBOTILL Version 2.3 has been released and is available for download. New Features: The screen layout of the main POS screen has been changed to be more Touch Screen friendly. Several other changes have been made for touch screen support in other screens as well. The system however still works great with or without a touch screen.  The More button can now further be customized to include shortcuts to commonly used stock, POS functions and/or custom functions to interact with other systems. The BULK import function can also now accept Stock On Hand as an optional field. Stock Receiving now allows you to capture the Price including or excluding tax if a price change is applicable. The free edition now allows up to 200 sales per day. Existing customers can upgrade to the new version. All data and settings from the previous installation will be carried over. To see how this easy to use and powerful Point of Sale System works, download the ROBOTILL FREE Edition from the

ROBOTILL Version 2.1 Released

ROBOTILL Version 2.1 has been released and is available for download. New in version 2.1: Graphical Print Layout Design System The new version has a powerful and flexible print layout design system. You can now fully customize all your printed forms including till slips, refund slips, account payment slips, quotes and order slips. Changing the layout is now easy with the new ‘drag and drop’ graphical interface. Order Slips and Department Printers The system allows you to optionally print Order Slips. An order slip is a slip that will be printed to a department printer of items purchased from that department. Examples where you would use a department printer: If your store has a Take away (Fast Food) department you can setup a printer in the kitchen. When someone orders items from the take away menu, all the items on the Till Slip that is in the Take away department will also be printed on an Order Slip that will be printed in the kitchen. With some of the bigger it

ROBOTILL Version 1.4 Released

ROBOTILL 1.4 is available for download. New in Version 1.4: The free edition now allows you to do 100 sales per day. Stock receiving has been improved and you can also now change prices in the stock receiving screen. Stock receiving report has been added that you can filter by supplier and/or date. Price maintenance has been improved. Specials have been added. You can now run a special for a specific period. Customer passwords have been added. A customer now needs to supply a password when purchasing on account. Please visit our ROBOTILL website for a full list of features. ROBOTILL can be downloaded from

Choosing an electronic cash drawer

The ROBOTILL POS software package allows you to use any electronic cash drawer. When choosing a cash drawer for your shop, you have basically two options. A cash drawer that plugs into your POS printer (RJ11) . The software ( ROBOTILL ) sends a message to the printer, and the printer sends a message to the cash drawer to open. A cash drawer that plugs into the POS computer directly (RS232) . The software ( ROBOTILL ) sends a command directly to the drawer to open. If you are looking for the cheapest choice, the RJ11 drawer is usually a bit cheaper (not by much) but then you will need to buy a POS Printer that is expensive (compared to standard printers). You need a POS Printer to operate the RJ11 drawer. The cheapest solution would be a standard printer with a RS323 cash drawer. If you later replace your standard printers with POS printers you can continue to use your RS323 drawers. If you already have a POS printer with a RJ11 connection, then you can choose any (the c

ROBOTILL Version 1.3 Released

ROTOBILL Version 1.3 has been released. Enhancements include the following: You can now change the ROTOBILL Logo in the POS Application (Till application) with your company logo. The customization of the till slip is now even more flexible. It is now also possible to add a logo (image) to the till slip, account payment slip and refund slip. The system now supports EAN-8 and EAN-13 barcodes for label printing. More will be added soon. A new department report that includes commissions per department was added. The free edition can be downloaded from the ROTOBILL  website.  

ROBOTILL Version 1.2 released

ROBOTILL Version 1.2 has been published and can be downloaded from (go to downloads). We have made several enhancements. We added refund slips and account payment receipts. ROBOTILL  allows you to complete a sale and choose not to print a till slip. With version 1.2 you can configure your system to change the default option of printing slips to not printing slips if required. If there is a feature you need that is not in ROBOTILL , please contact us from our ROBOTILL  site.

Free Point Of Sale Software

ROBOTILL released a FREE Edition of its powerful Point Of Sale Software (POS Software). Go to and download your free edition today . ROBOTILL also released version 1.1 that includes the option to print product barcode labels and shelf labels.

The future of POS Software … ROBOTILL

ROBOTILL is POS (Point of Sale/Retail) Software has arrived! The system is designed to be powerful but still easy to use. It supports any number of tills with a fast and robust database. In this blog we will be posting about POS Software in general, new POS gadgets, as well as updating our customers of new releases of ROBOTILL . For more information visit the ROBOTILL website at: