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Choosing an electronic cash drawer

The ROBOTILL POS software package allows you to use any electronic cash drawer.

When choosing a cash drawer for your shop, you have basically two options.
  1. A cash drawer that plugs into your POS printer (RJ11). The software (ROBOTILL) sends a message to the printer, and the printer sends a message to the cash drawer to open.
  2. A cash drawer that plugs into the POS computer directly (RS232). The software (ROBOTILL) sends a command directly to the drawer to open.
If you are looking for the cheapest choice, the RJ11 drawer is usually a bit cheaper (not by much) but then you will need to buy a POS Printer that is expensive (compared to standard printers). You need a POS Printer to operate the RJ11 drawer.

The cheapest solution would be a standard printer with a RS323 cash drawer. If you later replace your standard printers with POS printers you can continue to use your RS323 drawers.

If you already have a POS printer with a RJ11 connection, then you can choose any (the cheapest) drawer.


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