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Roll out specific products to selected branches

The Branch Module (Head office application for the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System ) has been improved. With previous versions all products at the head office were rolled out (remotely via the internet) to the various branches (shops). From version 7.16 you can now select specific products to be rolled out to specific branches/shops. The new version gives you the following flexibility: Specific products can be deleted at the branch level but still be kept at the head office and other branches.  You can choose to roll out only new products. The system will look at each branch to see what was added to the system after the specific branch/shop was last updated. You can select specific products for specific branches if some products are only available at specific branches. You can also still choose to simply update all products - in the same way the previous versions worked. For more information on how the new Branch Module update branches see: Update Branches in our online he

ROBOTILL Version 7.15 Released

ROBOTILL Version 7.15 has been released and can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL website. We release new versions (minor upgrades) of our Point of Sale Software System on a regular basis. We are also working on a big and exciting release (major new release) that should be available by the end of the year. What is new in version 7.15? The system log has been replaced by the 'Event Log' and several improvements were made including more filters, more detail per item logged and more types of events being logged. The Event Log is now available from the ROBOTILL Manager menu under History (previously the system log was available from the Tools menu). Order Slips can now also be reprinted from historic sales. This can be done from ROBOTILL Manager > History > Sales > Select Reprint Order Slip. A fix was done to the date and time of reprints of intermediate bills. The Department Report will now calculate profit according to your Tax settings (the same as the other r

Open until after midnight?

Is your restaurant or pub open until after midnight? In the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System you can choose if you want to group sales that was done after midnight with the previous day in order to see how a specific shift or waiter performed that started the previous day but ended in the early hours of the next day. In the   'After Midnight' settings in the Restaurant configuration screen of ROBOTILL you can use the following two settings: Use 'Shift Date' instead of the 'Sale Date' for reports and charts that are grouped by date. That means the report will group the sales not by the date and time of the sale but the date and time that the shift started. Business day start time: If you set your start time for a day at 07:00, then any report where you select a date range will start at 07:00 of the selected day (instead of 00:00 that is the default) and end the report at 06:59 on the day after the end date of the report (instead of the default that is 23:

Important Update - Version 7.11.03

ROBOTILL Version 7.11.03 is availalble for download. All users are recommended to upgrade to the latest version but especially users using any version from 7.09.00 to 7.11.02. To check your version just click on Help > About of any ROBOTILL application. The problem might cause an error message to appear very infrequently. In very rare occasions it might cause an item to be dropped from a sale, a stock quantity to be incorrect, or even a sale that has not been completed yet to disappear in the restaurant module. Please note that if you were affected by the problem that the impact on your data will be minimal if any. Please upgrade to the latest version if you have any of the affected versions - even if you haven't experienced any problems. The upgrade is free to all users including users of the free edition (all upgrades are free). To upgrade you can follow these upgrade instructions . The latest version can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Download Page.

Epson POS printer printing slow

You might notice that there are a couple of seconds delay before slips (receipts) in ROBOTILL print when you are using an EPSON POS Printer. If you changed your point of sale system to ROBOTILL you might also have noticed that your previous POS system did not have this delay. This article will explain why it happens and how to fix it. Why there are a couple of seconds delay before it prints Older point of sale software mostly generated simple receipts (till slips) with one font and one font size. The older POS printers were designed to print these types of documents fast. ROBOTILL allows users to create till sips (receipts, quotations, intermediate bills, etc) to look the way they want. The unique ROBOTILL Print Design Tool allows you to use multiple fonts, multiple images, background images and more. If you are using an Epson printer (we are not aware of any other POS printers that has this problem) and there are a couple of seconds delay before it prints, then it is becau

ROBOTILL Version 7.09 Released

ROBOTILL Version 7.09 has been released and is available for download. New features include quotations and invoice history, alternative account numbers for customers and more. New features and enhancements in version 7.09.00: The quotation feature can now be changed to be used to create invoices as well. A quotation(invoice) history form has been added to ROBOTILL Manager (from the menu select History > Quotations). For more information see the Quotation section in the online help . Alternative customer account numbers are now available if you choose not to use the ROBOTILL allocated account number. These account numbers can be used for the customer cards if needed. For more information see customer accounts in the online help . A customer list can now be printed from the customers screen. Customer notes can now be printed from the customer notes screen. Price List and Tier Price list has been added. (Reports > Stock > Price List). The cash drop and cash with

How to move ROBOTILL to another computer

The ROBOTILL Point of Sale system can be used on a single computer or several computers (tills and back office computers). This article will explain how to move your ROBOTILL Server (the single computer or the main computer where the database is installed) to another computer. Note if you are only using one computer, then your only computer is also your ROBOTILL server where the database is stored. Moving the database to the new computer Do a backup on your old server. Click here to see how to do a backup . Install ROBOTILL on the new computer. Click here to see how to install ROBOTILL. On the new computer, restore the database using the backup file of the first computer. Click here to see how to do a restore in ROBOTILL. Linking other computers to the new server If you are using multiple computers the other computers will need to link to your new server. If you replaced your server you can just use the same computer name as the previous server. You will then not need t

Stock Taking Improved

Over the last couple of releases ROBOTILL improved its stock and inventory management. Recently ROBOTILL improved Stock Transfers  and added Supplier Orders . Now in version 7.06 stock taking was improved with more functionality in the stock taking by list (grid) feature and a new stock taking by scanning feature. A stock taking report was also added. For more information on how the stock taking now work see stock taking in the online help . Enhancements done in Version 7.06 that is now available: Stock take by list improved with new filters. New stock stock taking with scanner screen was added. Stock taking adjustments report was added to report on stock taking variances (Reports > Stock > Stock Taking Variances). Price List report was added (Reports > Stock > Price List) that can be printed or exported to PDF, Excel or CSV format.  The amount of attributes you can add to an attribute group was increased.  If you delete a master product, the variants of tha

Stock Transfers Improved

ROBOTILL improved multiple branch support and stock transfers between branches. Version 7.05 of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale Software system was just released and is is available for download. Branch updates (new products, prices, etc) and transfer instructions are now received automatically throughout the day (with previous versions it was only downloaded automatically once a day or when requested by the user). In ROBOTILL Manager it is also now easy to see when new transfer instructions are received. Stock Transfer - Click to enlarge image Data can also be received and reports can be uploaded to the head office without needing any user interaction at the branch. This is useful when there is only a cashier at the branch and no manager to log into ROBOTILL Manager. Other enhancements in version 7.05.00: New Stock Sales report added to the Branch Module at the head office. Logging of branch transfers and updates improved to help solve problems faster. New Branch Updat

Change VAT but keep original prices

In a previous article we explained how easy it is to do the VAT change from 14% to 15% in South Africa if you are using the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System . We have received a couple of requests from customers that want to change the VAT, but keep the original price including VAT the same. This article explains how to do this. If you want to change your VAT from 14% to 15% but keep your Price Including Tax the same - with other words you want to decrease your base price so that customers pay the same price as before, then follow these steps: Step 1: Change VAT from 14% to 15% - click here to see how Your prices will not be slightly higher. Your product prices did not change, but as your VAT increased with 1%, your prices including tax went up. Step 2: Change your prices back From ROBOTILL Manager, go to 'Products and Stock' > 'Price Maintenance and Specials'. Before you select any products, in the 'New Items Settings' section, enter -0.87 fo

VAT Increase in South Africa

Value Added Tax (VAT) will increase from 14% to 15% on the 1st of April 2018. To do this change in the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System is quick and easy. This article will explain how to do the change. In ROBOTILL you can schedule price changes so that a price change only takes effect on a specific date. You cannot however schedule a TAX change. That means you will need to do the change before the start of business on the 1st of April (or after close of business the previous day). To do the change only takes a couple of seconds. Changing VAT in ROBOTILL In ROBOTILL Manager, go to Setup > System Configuration > General Configuration > Sales Tax. Click on 'Manage Tax Items' Select the 14% VAT Item and click on 'Edit'. Change the percentage to 15 and click on Update. That is it! All your products will now automatically have the new price calculated from the price excluding tax. The change will also not affect your history of sa

Important Update - Version 7.04.02

ROBOTILL released an urgent update for version 7.04. A new feature release caused a problem with the printing of some slips/receipts. The affected versions with the problem are: 7.04.00 7.04.01 The printing problem in these versions are fixed in version 7.04.02 that is now available for download. To upgrade to the latest version please download ROBOTILL and follow the steps below:

Supplier Orders and Order Forms

ROBOTILL Version 7.03 has just been released and is available for download. The main feature that was added is Supplier Orders and Order Forms that are printed for your suppliers. Stock receiving was also enhanced so that you can now receive an order and easily see if there was a problem with the new colour coded order form that displays received stock for that order. The Order Forms is only available in the full edition of ROBOTILL. It is available for the Retail Point of Sale module and the Restaurant Point of Sale module. Once the order has been created, an Order Form will be printed for your supplier. The Order form (as with all other forms in ROBOTIL) can easily be customized with the Print Design Tool of ROBOTILL so that you can add your company logo and do any other changes you want. The 'Stock Running Low' screen was also improved to prevent double ordering of stock .Items that is on order will not be included in the stock running low list unless you sp