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Stock Transfers Improved

ROBOTILL improved multiple branch support and stock transfers between branches. Version 7.05 of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale Software system was just released and is is available for download.

Branch updates (new products, prices, etc) and transfer instructions are now received automatically throughout the day (with previous versions it was only downloaded automatically once a day or when requested by the user).

In ROBOTILL Manager it is also now easy to see when new transfer instructions are received.

Stock Transfer - Click to enlarge image

Data can also be received and reports can be uploaded to the head office without needing any user interaction at the branch. This is useful when there is only a cashier at the branch and no manager to log into ROBOTILL Manager.

Other enhancements in version 7.05.00:
  • New Stock Sales report added to the Branch Module at the head office.
  • Logging of branch transfers and updates improved to help solve problems faster.
  • New Branch Updater added that runs as a background process at the branch.
  • In the restaurant module we added a setting so that unsent orders will automatically be printed if a waiter forgets to submit the order.
  • A problem in the Cash Up report that sometimes printed 'ERROR' has been fixed.

Note to customers using the previous version of the Branch Module

If you were using the Branch Module before version 7.05, please take note that the new version will require an additional install at each branch. Transfers and updates will not work at the branches until all the branches are on the new version.

When upgrading from an older version of the Branch Module please take note of the following:
  1. All branches and the head office needs to run on the same version of ROBOTILL. Please follow these steps to upgrade to the latest version.
  2. The Branch Module that is installed at the head office is now part of a separate install file that can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Download page. You need to install ROBOTILL (see 1 above) and then the Branch Module.
  3. At each branch, you also need to install the new Branch Updater that is also part of a separate install file. Follow these steps at each branch.
Please email ROBOTILL support if you have any problems.