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Faster Stock Search for ROBOTILL

Version 3.22 of the Point of Sale System , ROBOTILL has been released and is available for download . The new version includes a faster stock search screen. The new screen will allow you to get to the desired stock item with the least amount of keys that needs to be typed. Although it can be used with a touch screen or mouse, any stock item can now be selected without the need to click on a single button. Other enhancements include: The stock selection (not search) screen was also enhanced. Short cut key (hot key) was added for stock search. Short cut keys (hot keys) where added to the restaurant module. Discounts was improved (how it is displayed in the POS screen, on the till slip and how discounts are calculated in reports). Please remember to follow these instructions when upgrading from an older version: Upgrade Instructions

Speed up your POS System

When it gets to performance, ROBOTILL is one of the best choices. It doesn't matter how many POS points (tills) are connected to the system, it is still very fast. You can speed up the process (payments at tills) even further by removing one small step a cashier needs to do. It's just one button click (or ENTER key) less per transaction … but when a cashiers does a couple of hundred transactions in a day it will make a difference. By default when the payment amount is reached (there can be more than one payment method per sale), the 'Done' button becomes available and the 'Change' the customer should get is displayed in the pay screen (see below). You can change this so that the pay screen will close automatically when the required amount is reached. The cashier will then not need to click on the 'Done' button. The change a customer should get is also displayed in the main POS screen after the pay screen closes (see picture below). T

ROBOTILL on Facebook

ROBOTILL has joined Facebook.  Please visit and 'like' us at When you like our facebook page, you will be notified when there is a new version available. You will also receive links to articles with tips on how to improve your POS System.

ROBOTILL Version 3.2 Released

The new version of ROBOTILL (Version 3.2) is available for download. Customers using the FREE Edition of ROBOTILL can also upgrade to the new version. With the new version it is much easier and quicker to set up compound stock items (stock items that consists of multiple sub items). Compound items are now specified on the same screen (Sub Item Tab). In the restaurant module waiters can now add notes to items. The notes will be printed on the Order Slips that are printed on the department printers (Kitchen, Bar, etc.) Other enhancements include: Reset Database Tool added. This is useful if you just played around with the system and want to 'start over'. Stock Search was improved. Reprint option added to restaurant module. More options to customize the till slip was added. Stock receiving improved (allow price changes, weighted unit cost and easy label printing when prices change). Stock received reports now include person's name who received stock as