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Surviving Load Shedding

Our customers in South Africa are again experiencing load shedding (rolling blackouts). Running a shop or restaurant that is at times without power is not the only problem - load shedding can also damage your computer or files on your computer (including your point of sale database system files). When there is a power failure and your PC does not have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), files can get damaged or corrupted because a proper shut down was not done. When the power comes back on the risk is even greater as there is sometimes a power surge that can damage electronic devices - damage to your computer itself (hardware) or files on your computer can get corrupted. You can follow the steps below to protect your point of sale system : Make sure you have automatic daily backups enabled. Your backups must be copied (or directly created) to an external device or the cloud (like Google Drive). Check your load shedding schedule and shut down any PC's without UPS before

Hospitality Software module now available

The ROBOTILL Hospitality module is now available. The hospitality module is ideal for hotels and B&B's - but will work for any industry where resources (rooms, tennis courts, equipment, technicians, etc.) needs to be booked. The hospitality module is an add-on to the ROBOTILL Point of Sale system and works with the rest of the ROBOTILL modules. That means it is backed with all the power of the ROBOTILL POS system (compound items, combo deals, loyalty program, discounts, customer accounts, etc). For more information on how it works you can have a look at the hospitality online help . The hospitality module has a free edition and can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL download page.