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Surviving Load Shedding

Our customers in South Africa are again experiencing load shedding (rolling blackouts). Running a shop or restaurant that is at times without power is not the only problem - load shedding can also damage your computer or files on your computer (including your point of sale database system files).

When there is a power failure and your PC does not have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), files can get damaged or corrupted because a proper shut down was not done. When the power comes back on the risk is even greater as there is sometimes a power surge that can damage electronic devices - damage to your computer itself (hardware) or files on your computer can get corrupted.

You can follow the steps below to protect your point of sale system:
  • Make sure you have automatic daily backups enabled.
  • Your backups must be copied (or directly created) to an external device or the cloud (like Google Drive).
  • Check your load shedding schedule and shut down any PC's without UPS before the power goes out.
  • Unplug PC's from the main power supply when the power goes out and only plug it back in after the power comes back on.
  • It's South Africa - so make sure you still have a PC when the power comes back on :)