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Setting up a kitchen printer

ROBOTILL allows you to set up department printers. An example of a department printer would be the kitchen printer. You can have multiple department printers, for example: Kitchen Printer Bar Printer Pizza Printer etc. In the Restaurant module , if the waiter clicks on 'Order' an order slip will be printed to each department. Each order slip for each department will only contain the items that needs to be prepared by that specific department. For example the food items will go to the kitchen department while the drink items will go to the bar department. More items can be added to the sale and only the new items will be printed to the department printers to prevent duplication (a full order can be resubmitted if needed). In the retail module department printers can also be used. Examples would be: Storage Room - An order slip can be printed to the storage room to notify the storage room personnel to retrieve a specific item for a sale. Take-out - If y

Where did the POS license that does not expire go?

ROBOTILL used to have a Point of Sale License that did not expire. The license was more expensive than the yearly license that is currently available, but it was a once off payment. The license was linked to a specific computer (hardware). So if you replaced your computer, you had to purchase another license (these conditions where clearly stated on the ROBOTILL website). On average computers gets replaced every 5 - 7 years, so it was still a much better deal than a yearly license. ROBOTILL however decided to discontinue the 'once-off' license for the following reasons: Although the conditions above where clearly stated on our purchase page, some customers where still unhappy if they needed to purchase another license when replacing a computer.  If the computer was stolen or you wanted to replace the computer after a couple of months, then it would have been better if you purchased the yearly license instead.  ROBOTILL offers FREE support and FREE upgrades. When you ha

Faster POS Card Payments

ROBOTILL allows you to configure card payments. You can specify what the card options are (Example: Visa, MasterCard, etc). In the POS application the cashier will then be prompted to select the card and enter additional optional information (name, authorization number, etc). Card payments with the additional information will be available in the reports. There are however some customers that will prefer to skip the card selection screen. If you only need to keep track of card payments and not the details of the card (example: card type, name on card, authorization number), then you can disable the card selection screen. To disable the card selection screen, open Manager and go to Setup > System Configuration > Payment Options tab. POS Card Payment Setup - Click to enlarge Check the box that says 'Skip Card Selection'. Note that this does not disable card payments, it only bypass the additional card information screen. This feature is useful if you don't n

Automatic Daily Backups

You can now relax as ROBOTILL will do full database backups daily! We all know how important backups are for your Retail Store or your Restaurant . There is a lot that can go wrong: Hard Drive Failure Theft or Fire User error during a bulk operation like bulk stock import or updates. If you don't have a backup of your Point of Sale System , you could loose valuable data (sales history and reports). You could also face a lot of downtime while you need to set up the system again. This will not only be products and prices but also the print layout of slips, users, employees, etc. It always was possible to easily do a backup with ROBOTILL, but now with Version 5.1 you can enable automatic daily backups ... by simply checking one box. ROBOTILL Backup - Click to enlarge The automatic backup feature is also available in the FREE Point of Sale Edition of ROBOTILL . For more information on how the backup works, see the Backup section in the ROBOTILL Online Help