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ROBOTILL released new Restaurant Software Module

With version 3 of ROBOTILL , a new Restaurant Module was added that is ideal for Restaurants, Bars and Fast Food shops. The Restaurant/Bar module can work with any number of tables and waiters. For a full list of features go to and click on Features. Other enhancements to the Retail module and the back office program (Manager) include the following: The ‘More’ screen that opens up custom functions was improved. The custom function that allows you to select items from a specific category was improved. This feature is useful if you want to incorporate a ‘Take-Away’ or other type menu in the Retail module instead of using the full Restaurant module.  Some more enhancements that was done in the Retail Module and Manager (Back Office): With certain tax percentages it was not possible to get to some specific price including amounts. This has now been fixed. If more than one of the same item is scanned instead of increasing the quantity,