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ROBOTILL Install Wizard Improved

ROBOTILL uses Microsoft SQL Server as a database engine to ensure that the system is fast and robust even if you have several POS Points and back office computers connected to the same server. The ROBOTILL Database Connection Wizard is used to install SQL Server if needed and connect all the computers to the server. In Version 4.23.3 (just released) the Wizard now comes with additional safety checks and prompts to prevent users from accidentally recreating the database (and loosing existing data). The Wizard will now clearly indicate when the database will be created (and if it exists, cleared) and when an existing database will be used. The new version can be downloaded from

POS Resellers

Become a ROBOTILL Reseller! ROBOTILL is easy to use - but still very powerful and flexible - Point of Sale Software.  ROBOTILL focuses on very specific type of POS customers - those customers who are willing to download the software, install it, set up their system and purchase their own POS Hardware (computer, touch screen, barcode scanner, POS Printer and electronic cash drawer). For these types of customers, ROBOTILL is an excellent choice as it is cheap, easy to install and comes with great online help ( ) and online support (email and teamviewer). There will however always be those customers that prefer not to do it themselves. They want someone else to install it and if they do get a problem, they want to pick up the phone and ask for help.  That is where YOU come in! You can install ROBOTILL at your customers and charge fees for the following: Installation and Setup On-site support and telephonic support (ROBOTILL only does