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ROBOTILL Version 5 is here!

Retail POS Module - Click on Image to enlarge Restaurant Module - Click to enlarge ROBOTILL has released version 5 of its popular Point of Sale Software system. Apart from a new modern look, the following has been added: Easy to Use and Powerful The new features like attributes and variants are very useful but completely optional. The new product setup has been designed to help you to easily and quickly add products. More advanced features are now in separate tabs so that they are easily accessible to users who want to make use of them but out of site and not confusing to users who want to stick to the basics. POS Product Attributes Also called product tags or sub categories in other systems, the attributes has been designed to be extremely flexible so that it can work for any possible scenario. Any number of attribute groups can be added with any number of options per group. Different attribute groups can be added to different products. In ROBOTILL, att