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How to install ROBOTILL without Internet connection

ROBOTILL is a Point of Sale system that you can download and install from the Internet. If the computer you want to install on is not connected to the internet, download the required install files from and select ‘Save’ instead of ‘Open’ or ‘Run’. You can then copy these files to a USB memory stick (flash drive) and run/open them on the computer where you want to install. Below are the detailed steps to do the full ROBOTILL install (including the database server) on a computer that is not connected to the Internet. Step 1: Download the install files Go to the  ROBOTILL Downloads  and download the following files (Select 'Save' and not 'Run' or 'Open'.)  sqlexpr.exe (Do not open or run this file). Copy the files you have downloaded to the computer where you want to install. Step 2: Install ROBOTILL Using the file, install ROBOTILL. During the install process, the install program mig

Upgrading to a new version of ROBOTILL

Upgrading to a new version of ROBOTILL ( Point of Sale Software ) is free for all customers including users of the free edition of the POS software. Before you upgrade, remember to do a backup first. Open Manager and click on Tools > Database Backup and Restore > Backup . After you have done the backup, follow the steps below: Open your control panel, go to ‘Uninstall Programs’ and uninstall ROBOTILL. Only ROBOTILL will be uninstalled, not the database or the dataset server. Download the latest version from and run the install file. The new installation will detect that the database server and database is already installed. It will also automatically make the necessary changes to the database. Remember to upgrade all your tills (POS Retail and POS Restaurant) as well as your back office computer (Manager). 

ROBOTILL Version 3.03 released

New changes in Version 3.03: Categories can now be hidden from the Restaurant module . This is useful if you have categories that you only want to display in the Retail module or if you have stock items that are not sold like ingredients. Default Table Option added to restaurant module. This is useful for Fast Food shops that don’t have tables. If this option is chosen, the cashier will not need to select a table for each sale. The table option will still be there that can be used for telephone orders. Invoice Number / GRV Number added to Stock Receiving. The Stock Receiving report can also now be filtered with the Invoice / GRV Number. ROBOTILL is Point of Sale Software that can be downloaded from Existing customers can follow these instructions on how to upgrade to a new version .

ROBOTILL released new Restaurant Software Module

With version 3 of ROBOTILL , a new Restaurant Module was added that is ideal for Restaurants, Bars and Fast Food shops. The Restaurant/Bar module can work with any number of tables and waiters. For a full list of features go to and click on Features. Other enhancements to the Retail module and the back office program (Manager) include the following: The ‘More’ screen that opens up custom functions was improved. The custom function that allows you to select items from a specific category was improved. This feature is useful if you want to incorporate a ‘Take-Away’ or other type menu in the Retail module instead of using the full Restaurant module.  Some more enhancements that was done in the Retail Module and Manager (Back Office): With certain tax percentages it was not possible to get to some specific price including amounts. This has now been fixed. If more than one of the same item is scanned instead of increasing the quantity,

POS Cash-Up Screen Improved

ROBOTILL Version 2.8 was released and is ready for download. The POS Cash-UP screen has been improved (click on the image below to enlarge it). The Cash-Up Break Down can now also be printed on the Till Printer. The layout of the print out can be designed in Manager in the Print Layout Section. The ‘More’ screen that contain your custom functions, shortcuts to stock items and other programs has been improved. Click on the image below to enlarge it. The screen now uses buttons instead of a list box. This makes it easier for touch screens. Other changes include: Stock levels can now go into negative. This has been requested by customers and would be needed if you didn’t have time yet to import the new stock into the system. A bug was fixed in the Account payments and the password is now hidden as some shops let their customers type the password instead of the cashiers. ROBOTILL can be downloaded from Note for existing customers When upgrading to

ROBOTILL Version 2.75 released

We have released version 2.75 of our POS Software . The following has changed: The time was added to the date field in the Drawer Report. Sales Per Day Report was fixed. The Price Including Tax showed the Price Excluding Tax. The Item Description column in the POS application was made bigger. When doing a big sale, the last item wasn’t always visible and the cashier had to scroll down. This has been fixed. The Change in the Pay screen was made bigger. In the Pay screen the user (cashier) can now no longer use ESC to close the screen. They are forced to click on Done or Cancel. When converting a Quote to a sale it caused an error in the previous version. This is now fixed. We would like to thank all our customers and users of the FREE POS Software Edition for all your feedback. If you have any change requests or if you want to download the free edition please go to

A Take Away Menu in your POS System

ROBOTILL allows you to add a Take Away Menu (or something similar) to your tills (Touch screen system or standard computer). The following are instructions on how to add the take away menu but will also work for any other menu you want to add. In ROBOTILL Manager add a category for the take away menu. The stock description of the category will be used in the More screen of the POS application . Change the category of the items you want included in the take away menu to the Take Away category (under Stock Maintenance). In Manager, go to Setup > Custom Functions and select ‘Stock Category’. Select the category you want to add as a short cut option in the POS screen. That is it. The Take Away Menu has now been added and is available at all tills. In the POS application , the cashier can now click on the ‘More’ button. The Take Away Menu option will be available. When the cashier select the Take Away Menu option, all the items that is part of that category wi

ROBOTILL Version 2.72 Released

Version 2.72 of the POS Software System ROBOTILL has been released and can be downloaded from What’s new in Version 2.72? Stock on Hand Report now displays total cost value and sell value. Stock on hand (stock count) will not fall below zero if the user forgot to import new stock. Stock that has a negative stock count from previous versions can be adjusted with the Stock Take feature. Time added to the date on the till slip. Customer account name has been replaced with a system generated account number. Customer selection and filtering improved. White space in numbers are now automatically removed instead of warning the user that it is an invalid number. There is a problem with adding new customers in version 2.71 that was briefly available for download. This problem is fixed in version 2.72. As always, all ROBOTILL customers can upgrade to the new version free of charge.