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ROBOTILL Version 2.72 Released

Version 2.72 of the POS Software System ROBOTILL has been released and can be downloaded from

What’s new in Version 2.72?
  • Stock on Hand Report now displays total cost value and sell value.
  • Stock on hand (stock count) will not fall below zero if the user forgot to import new stock. Stock that has a negative stock count from previous versions can be adjusted with the Stock Take feature.
  • Time added to the date on the till slip.
  • Customer account name has been replaced with a system generated account number.
  • Customer selection and filtering improved.
  • White space in numbers are now automatically removed instead of warning the user that it is an invalid number.
There is a problem with adding new customers in version 2.71 that was briefly available for download. This problem is fixed in version 2.72.

As always, all ROBOTILL customers can upgrade to the new version free of charge.