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Stock Taking Improved

Over the last couple of releases ROBOTILL improved its stock and inventory management. Recently ROBOTILL improved Stock Transfers and added Supplier Orders. Now in version 7.06 stock taking was improved with more functionality in the stock taking by list (grid) feature and a new stock taking by scanning feature. A stock taking report was also added.

For more information on how the stock taking now work see stock taking in the online help.

Enhancements done in Version 7.06 that is now available:

  • Stock take by list improved with new filters.
  • New stock stock taking with scanner screen was added.
  • Stock taking adjustments report was added to report on stock taking variances (Reports > Stock > Stock Taking Variances).
  • Price List report was added (Reports > Stock > Price List) that can be printed or exported to PDF, Excel or CSV format. 
  • The amount of attributes you can add to an attribute group was increased. 
  • If you delete a master product, the variants of that product will now also be deleted.
  • A warning was added when you delete a mater product to warn you that the linked variants will be deleted.
The new stock taking features is also available in the Free Point of Sale System of ROBOTILL.