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Important Update - Version 7.11.03

ROBOTILL Version 7.11.03 is availalble for download. All users are recommended to upgrade to the latest version but especially users using any version from 7.09.00 to 7.11.02. To check your version just click on Help > About of any ROBOTILL application.

The problem might cause an error message to appear very infrequently. In very rare occasions it might cause an item to be dropped from a sale, a stock quantity to be incorrect, or even a sale that has not been completed yet to disappear in the restaurant module.

Please note that if you were affected by the problem that the impact on your data will be minimal if any.

Please upgrade to the latest version if you have any of the affected versions - even if you haven't experienced any problems.

The upgrade is free to all users including users of the free edition (all upgrades are free). To upgrade you can follow these upgrade instructions.

The latest version can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Download Page.