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ROBOTILL Version 7.09 Released

ROBOTILL Version 7.09 has been released and is available for download. New features include quotations and invoice history, alternative account numbers for customers and more.

New features and enhancements in version 7.09.00:
  • The quotation feature can now be changed to be used to create invoices as well. A quotation(invoice) history form has been added to ROBOTILL Manager (from the menu select History > Quotations). For more information see the Quotation section in the online help.
  • Alternative customer account numbers are now available if you choose not to use the ROBOTILL allocated account number. These account numbers can be used for the customer cards if needed. For more information see customer accounts in the online help.
  • A customer list can now be printed from the customers screen.
  • Customer notes can now be printed from the customer notes screen.
  • Price List and Tier Price list has been added. (Reports > Stock > Price List).
  • The cash drop and cash withdrawals history has been removed from the System Log and is now available as a new report with various filters.
  • The workshop module has been improved and a auto refresh was added. 
The new version can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Download page. To upgrade from an older version follow the upgrade instructions.