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Allow your tills to work off-line

You can now continue with sales even if the network goes down or if there is a problem with the server. ROBOTILL Version 3.81 has an off-line mode for the retail modules. The new off-line mode is only available for retail modules and not the restaurant modules.

Working off-line is only an emergency measure. The system will allow you to continue with sales but a lot of the features will be disabled in off-line mode. For more information about the off-line mode see the help file of ROBOTILL (the off-line mode help is in the retail section of the help).

Note: You should only set up the off-line system if you have multiple tills and really need to be able to work if the network goes down. The off-line system requires additional resources so it is not recommended for customers who do not need it.

The FREE edition of the Point of Sale Software can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Website.